Bam Bam Resources Doubles Down On Majuba Hill Mine Project; Drills Into Massive EV Battery Metals Market (OTC: NPEZF)

Bam Bam Resources (OTC: NPEZF) (CSE: BBR) (XFRA: 4NPB) is not slowing down its ambitions. In fact, they just doubled down on its Majuba Hills Mine interest, sending a second drill rig to tap into what is prospected to be a billion-dollar metals and minerals producing property. And if all goes according to plan, NPEZF can be turning metals, specifically copper, into dollars by early next year. And not just a few dollars, potentially millions of them as demand from a hot EV battery metals market is showing no signs of slowing down. 

There’s better news, the Majuba Hills area is already proven to have substantial amounts of copper, tin, gold, and zinc underground. Thus, having found it, Bam Bam is ideally positioned to create shareholder value sooner than later. Better still, with copper prices soaring to near-record highs, even its assets in the ground can affect the share price. Hence, its 45% price surge since August could be the prelude to better things to come. 

Why the massive interest in copper? Because it’s the critical agreement to making the EV car batteries. And if automakers can’t secure enough of it, they may end up with beautiful cars that are nothing more than showpieces. No copper, no batter. No battery, no car sale.

It’s a relatively simple proposition. The excellent news for Bam Bam Resources is that its clients understand the situation. Hence, they are on a campaign to purchase as much copper as fast as possible, buying up entire expected deliveries even ahead of digs. For NPEZF, they are present in a perfect storm of revenue-generating opportunities. 

Mining Copper For Dollars

Moreover, Bam Bam has doubled up on its opportunities with two drill rigs set to operate at the Majuba Hills Mine. Even better, they have reports indicating that the extra investment is well worth the effort. Here’s even better news, despite their micro-cap size, Bam Bam Resources is as well-positioned as even the most prominent miners, having established its own footprint into an area that historically delivered significant metals and minerals. 

Thus, when analysts refer to the “copper’ opportunity as a generational trade, that consideration could extend to NPEZF stock, with its current $12 million market cap missing the mark from an intrinsic and inherent value perspective. But, market disconnects also create opportunities. And at current stock price levels, Bam Bam Resources is one to consider. 

In fact, as one of a small handful of companies with exposure to the metal-rich Majuba area, the investment proposition is compelling. And absolutely no one is arguing against copper remaining in high demand and potentially short supply in the coming years. As noted, it’s the critical metal needed to make EV batteries and crucial to the global mission to replace carbon-based fuels. Hence, while NPEZF can benefit from billions of dollars in sales today, trillions will be in play in the next few years. 

Those that understand mining know that once Bam Bam Resources produces, they can be flush with cash to accelerate revenue-generating operations. Interested clients like Tesla and General Motors alone would probably be interested in supporting the entire dig as long as they were privy to the metals unearth. And that could be a case where being smaller has its advantages.

Keep this in mind, too. Majuba is not only copper-rich. Expectations are for Bam Bam to uncover considerable amounts of tin, gold, and zinc, too. Thus, even the unintended finds can add significant revenue to the company. So, from an investor’s perceptive, Bam Bam appears to be a micro-cap stock living in a mid to large-cap world. And being surrounded by success often helps to breed even more.

Bam Bam Resources is investing the time and money to make sure they are part of that dynamic.

Near Exponential Opportunities From EV Battery Sector

For Bam Bam Resources, timing is everything. And they are targeting a copper and metals market that went from substantial to enormous. In fact, with 18 of the 20 largest automakers committing billions to build an EV car portfolio, that market is expected to get even more significant. 

Analysts are on record saying copper production at current levels, including the copper needed for consumer goods, isn’t enough to go around. For producers, that’s excellent news. It not only offers market vision, but it adds pricing power and potentially easy financing to those proven that are unearthing the semi-precious goods. 

It gets better from an investor’s perspective. Not only is demand surging, but it’s also not expected to lighten anytime soon. As noted, the largest companies in the world are lined up to secure resources making sure they have the ingredients needed to expedite their own programs. Some are paying premiums, too. Thus, use the spot price of copper to gauge the market. But, when it comes to making contracts in a seller’s market, those prices can be almost meaningless. 

Also, part of the value play is that Bam Bam Resource’s mining interests extend past copper. Historical digs show lithium and cobalt are at the mine as well. Hence, while it’s said that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure, that may be the case. But that’s because some of Bam Bams’ clients only want their copper. 

However, take that “trash ” talk facetiously. That “trash,” which can be used to power everything from power tools to parts of a spacecraft, is also extremely valuable. Like copper, ounces to pounds, it can be worth more than gold. Hence, there’s a power play brewing at Bam bam Resources. And at roughly $0.15 per share, retail investors are invited. 

Shovel Ready And Asset Rich

Here’s the best news. The massive demand for these metals and minerals could have Bam Bam shares surge even before the company puts a shovel to the ground. In fact, as copper prices rebound from a short dip back toward all-time highs, proven assets underground can inure to its balance sheet. And when that’s reported, it would likely have a direct effect on share prices. 

Thus, investors can benefit from the Bam Bam investment in at least two ways. They get value from what’s under the ground, and they get value from what’s above the ground. Alone or combined, it’s a winning scenario. 

In fact, the only thing that can dampen enthusiasm is for the EV sector to go away. And that’s not happening. Ever. And if Bam Bam Resources’ second oxide copper zone identified last week proves copper-rich, current share prices would become extinct in a hurry. And with core sampling on that rock underway, investors will get that answer pretty quickly. Chances are, using history as a guide, that results will show another substantial mining opportunity has been put into play. 

The best news is that are very few, if any, alternatives to using copper in EV batteries. It has the highest electrical conductivity of all non-precious metals and is already integral to power millions of consumer and industrial products and machinery. Therefore, unless SpaceX brings back magic dust from space, copper is in play for generations to come. And here’s a safe bet, there is no magic dust. 

So, while Bam Bam Resources is an excellent copper play today, it’s likely to stay that way for a very long time. The difference may be that investors will pay much higher prices for its shares as early as Q1 of next year. Consider it as a biotech when a phase 3 trial starts, valuations soar, and stay there until results are posted. In the mining sector, once a dig starts, valuations rise until results are published. 

In both, if they meet expectations, valuations can surge exponentially. Consequently, post-initial-dig, current Bam Bam stock prices could be a drop in the bucket compared to what speculation can bring. Irrational exuberance or not, that speculation can take NPEZF from pennies to dollars in a hurry. 

Reasons To Be Optimistic

Moreover, there are reasons to be exuberant. Since 2019, copper prices have increased by 46%, and in 2021 they are higher by roughly 24% heading into the end of the year. Compare that to gold, whose price is down by more than 7% YTD, and it’s easy to see that copper is indeed in play.

Hence, looking behind the curtain tells the real story. Moreover, despite not seeing it in the headlines on cable news shows, that surge in price is happening in the wide open. And until the favored Wall Street investors fill their bags, those headlines will remain buried. But, by reading this and other industry coverage, those on the retail side can also play. 

It’s not really a secret, but it does take some effort by the regular investor to understand the magnitude of the investment opportunity. And a little bit of research exposes that copper is in demand because it is the most valuable “green metal” in the market. And because of that, it and other clean metals are earning the attention of decision-makers who are quicker to fund green energy products over carbon burning alternatives. Their interest won’t subside, either.

In fact, some counties are preparing to spend TRILLIONS of dollars on green energy initiatives. And part of that investment includes incentives and credits for companies like Bam Bam that can change the trajectory from carbon emissions to electric.

Thus, if there was ever a “perfect” time to get exposure into the copper market, now could be it. And the price consolidation in the metals markets is providing investors with a second chance at a pure-play in the metals themselves and in shovel-ready companies like Bam Bam, whose stock price was taken lower with the tide.

Low-Priced Mining Stocks, Massive Potential 

Also, short-term weakness presents long-term opportunities. And in copper’s case, market weakness comes with a silver lining. Specifically, it brings better pricing for already good companies. Simply put, investors can get a sale price on a premium company. And with Majuba Hills mine on sale, investors should purchase quickly. 

Bam Bam’s interest in the Majuba Hill Mine is its most significant treasure. And it has a history of holding substantial assets. Already, the mines in and around Majuba Hill have delivered 2.8 million pounds of copper, 184,000 ounces of silver, 21,000 pounds of tin, and 5,800 ounces of gold. That’s important to know because in the mining business, proximity matters. Now, with historically proven assets all around and with Bam Bam identifying additional pockets of metals, it’s understandable that NPEZF’s share price is surging.

Moreover, with geological mapping, rock/soil geochemistry, and geophysical data on Bam Bam’s assets showing the area contains approximately 40 million tons of oxide copper, prospects remain excellent. Even better, it’s enough copper to keep mining operations in the region busy and lucrative for a long time. Thus, consider investing in Bam Bam as a long-term proposition.

Remember, too, Bam Bam can also monetize potentially significant amounts of silver, gold, lead, tin, and zinc, which diversify revenue streams and add additional revenue-generating power to its portfolio. Even better, easy access to the mine through a newly constructed road, which by the way also exposes oxide copper zones up to 100 feet long, more efficient operations translate to more impactful revenues. 

Consequently, Bam Bam revenues are more impactful and benefit from lower production overhead, which is critical in the mining business. 

New Pockets Of Metal, More Value

Indeed, the sum of its parts and interests put Bam Bam Resources in its best position in history to generate substantial near and long-term shareholder value. And with hot markets and Bam Bam’s expectation of providing ample supply, a tremendous mining investment opportunity is born. 

Better still, with value in the ground, Bam Bam could have a valuation gap to fill toward the upside. As noted, once the digging starts, expect valuations to more closely align with surveys that suggest its holdings. From all indications, that would be substantially higher than current prices.

More excellent, though, is that this Bam Bam value play is just getting started. Hence, timing is of the essence from an investor’s perspective. Valuations can change quickly, and if copper accelerates its gains, Bam Bam can follow in sympathy before even starting its rigs. 

And with proven assets in the ground, ample cash to fund exploration projects into next year, and market demand expected to remain red hot, Bam Bam Resources offers more than a compelling investment proposition. It could be the vehicle for retail investors to take advantage of a generational trade. But waiting on this trade could be costly. Worse, it could induce a severe case of “procrastinators remorse.”


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