Children’s Books App Seeks to Encourage Reading

The “Let’s Read English” App brings affordable kids books to Android devices.

Spokane, WA, UNITED STATES – October 20, 2021 – At a time when reading is being replaced by audio books and TV and YouTube, a new Android App “Let’s Read English” has been launched to bring affordable books to young children. The creators believe that the skill of reading is the key to a secure future for children.

From its home base in Spokane, Washington software startup IXI Design LLC has created and launched the “Let’s Read English” Android App and its contained series of books. This App has been under development for the last four years and currently the series offers seventy illustrated books for early childhood readers.

The “Let’s Read English” series of digital books are richly illustrated designed for early readers and come with voice included. Each book is read out to the child, as she turns the pages. The App comes with enough points included to allow the parent or caregiver to download and use five books immediately, and the rest are available for a nominal cost.

The Creators of “Let’s Read English” believe that just like the best way to learn to swim is to start swimming, the best way to learn to read is to start reading. The App and its series of books seek to create familiarity with common English words, and each book tries to build on the vocabulary that had been introduced in previous books. While the best option is for a parent to read out books to a child, often times shortage of time gets in the way. The “Let’s Read English” Application has a “Auto” feature that turns the pages and reads out the book to the child, or the child can turn the pages at his own pace and listen and read. This look, listen, read approach is expected to hold the child’s interest and help with the parental goal of introducing the child to the world of reading.

The creators of “Let’s Read English” state that “The Gift of Reading is the Greatest Gift” and theorize that once a child known how to read English, he or she can eventually teach himself anything as he or she grows up. The Application celebrates the richness of the English language and tries to impart this to children.

When asked about future plans for the book series the creators divulged that another 70 books are under development, this is a painstaking process of writing, editing, illustrating, voice overs, and often several re-dos of various parts of this process.

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The first 70 books and the software took four years to prepare, but the newer books in the series are expected to be ready faster. The creators also plan to bring these same books out as print versions as well in the near future.

To see the “Let’s Read English” series of voice enabled books and to download the Application itself one can visit

About “Let’s Read English”

IXI Design LLC, is a small software startup based out of beautiful Washington. “Let’s Read English” is their flagship Android Application, the result of four years of work by various designers, graphic artists, programmers and audio artistes. It is finally here and the creators have poured their hearts into making this Application. They express the hope that this will be in some manner useful to parents and teachers in their timeless mission to introduce children to the limitless Universe of books and reading and to the amazing world of the English language. Although this was primarily designed and made for the United States, the hope is that children around the world will benefit from “Let’s Read English”.

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