Kutti B and Flayzia Fisher Of OVK Music set to launch its fashion brand, OVK clothing by 2022

Gifted hip-hop artists and entrepreneurial duo, Kutti B and Flayzia Fisher are set to launch their clothing line, Ovk clothing, a bespoke fashion enterprise that will cater to both male and female, young and old.

It is said that music and fashion all come from the same place of creativity. Over the years, there’s been a distinct and patterned relationship between music and fashion with one often complimenting the other. However, today’s musicians have much more impact on what is hot. Constantly cosigning labels in their songs, having brand deals, and creating their clothing lines, these big artists greatly influence fashion unlike ever before.

Tapping into this cash cow, Kutti B and Flayzia Fisher, better known by their group name, OVK music, will launch their clothing line of the same name by mid-next year. The boys have shown that their creativity is not limited to music, with their tremendous business acumen to diversify their craft from music to fashion. This clothing line will be a unisex fashion enterprise with a mix of progressive design, classic streetwear, and apparel basics. Plans are already in motion for a web platform where the OVK clothing line will launch from.

On the music front, members of the OVK group, it would seem, were born for music. Flayzia started music at the age of 9 when his parents bought his first keyboard on Christmas. He’s not looked back ever since. Kutti B took the freestyle rap battle to a new level, battling any since the age of 17. However, like other artists, OVK had to contend with some bottlenecks. The duo initially found it hard to get promotions for their songs.

But with their skill, passion, and tenacity, OVK was able to scale through and today, they are beginning to flourish in the hip-hop genre, as well as creative music which is too good for one category. The duo, however, recently revealed that they are inspired by the works of various hip-hop artists from Outkast to the Hotboys, and many more.

With many music projects in the works and a clothing line to follow, it’s crystal clear that Kutti B and Flayzia Fisher are out to dominate both the world of music and fashion and from the looks of things, nothing will stop them.

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