Dez Mac drops thought provoking single ‘Know about it’ & announces release party powered by Big Indy Inc.

Dez Mac, a Youngstown Ohio native provokes deep thought and emotion with his new single ‘Know about it’ and touches on both the personal heartache of his fathers passing and the social pains of being black in America, targeted by the ones that have sworn to serve and protect; by making a reference to Rayshard Brooks, a 27 year old black father of four who was killed by 2 shots to the back by a white Atlanta police officer. Although ‘Know about it’ begins with the expression of harsh realities, the overall message of the song reveals a silver lining and a picture of elevation through the practice of the universal principle, called ‘the law of attraction’. Dez Mac is no stranger to the law of attraction as he’s been a voiceful advocate for it throughout his music career, especially with his hit single ‘’Lately’’ which earned the attention of multiple radio stations in the cities of San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Berkeley, and Youngstown. ‘’Lately’’ tells a story about taking a leap of faith and believing in the unseen, mirroring the Ohio native’s decision to make the move to the Bay Area to pursue his passion of music with only limited funds and also knowing he’d have to be homeless temporarily to make it happen. ‘’Know about it’’ like ‘’Lately’’ illuminates Dez Mac’s most commonly traveled theme, which is to keep his listeners inspired to take action in the direction of their dreams for the desired outcomes hoped for. – Big Indy Magazine

Dez Mac announces an interactive listening party powered by Big Indy called ‘Go Mainstream’, hosted by CEO, Lady Diviniti & featuring special guest Jamaal Bethea, an executive for iHeartRadio and agent Ryan Seacrest, Charlamagne Tha God, Steve, and Harvey, amongst many many other A list celebrities. The event will take place on October 24th, located at the Big Indy headquarters in Alameda, California. Big Indy Inc, A full service media company founded in Silicon Valley in 2014, was designed for independent creators of all kinds to market themselves on mainstream levels via television, magazine, PR, radio, content distribution, music placement, and specialized marketing techniques such as billboard design and placement. Dez Mac joined Big Indy in late October of 2020 making history as the first artist to become a premium member of the media company; unlocking promotion on Big Indy TV, Big Indy Magazine Volume 1, and Billboard placement. In an interview on Big Indy TV, Dez Mac shares his affinity for the media company and why he chose to get on board.

If you’re visiting or live in the Bay Area you can register to attend Dez Mac’s listening party on You can look forward to an intimate live music experience by DezMac along with his one year anniversary celebration, a meet greet with the ‘’Know about it’’ artist, an interactive panel regarding content placement, a red carpet photo op for all attendants, and locally favorite refreshments.

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