Scrub Pros Janitorial Services Offers Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services in New Orleans

Scrub Pros Janitorial Services Offers Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services in New Orleans
Scrub Pros Janitorial Services is a leader in the commercial cleaning industry and continues to deliver excellent services that keep clients happy. The cleaning company offers up-to-date strategies and practices that keep commercial spaces clean, healthy, and hygienic. Business owners and commercial facility owners can maintain top-level cleanliness and offer their employees more by hiring them to get the job done. Scrub Pros Janitorial Services offers free quotes and affordable services.

New Orleans, LA – Business owners and commercial facility owners have a duty towards their employees and customers. The duty of keeping business spaces and commercial facilities clean falls on owners, and Scrub Pros Janitorial Services is helping its clients hold up to their end of the bargain. The commercial cleaning company offers comprehensive cleaning services that keep commercial spaces and offices clean, hygienic, and ready for business.

There is still a significant fear of contracting the virus in the face of the recent global pandemic, which caused many businesses to shut down. Scrub Pros Janitorial Services is helping businesses keep their facilities clean while inspiring more customers to walk in without fear. The commercial cleaning company offers office cleaning and disinfection services that help business owners guarantee protection for their employees and customers.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has barely slowed and is still a large concern in many communities. This makes it all the more important to take precautions and keep spaces disinfected. In uncertain times, it is important to take as many precautions as possible. When working in an office building, especially with many people, there are several reasons to consider getting the building disinfected,” said the company’s representative.

Encouraging business owners to take a step towards protecting themselves and their customers, the cleaning company’s representative pushed for them to consider a recurring disinfection service. Scrub Pros Janitorial Services takes care of all client’s disinfection needs by wiping down surfaces, following precautions, and taking proper steps to ensure that the client’s property’s critical areas are not overlooked.

Because you deserve a clean workplace, the cleaning crew at Scrub Pros Janitorial Services ensures that all high-traffic areas and surfaces, including doorknobs, countertops, railings, elevator buttons, shared workspace, phones, and others are wiped clean using appropriate disinfectants. The cleaning crew also focuses on all other objects or spaces in high contact between multiple individuals within an office or commercial building.

To ensure continued protection, Scrub Pros Janitorial Services recommends that commercial buildings subscribe to recurrent cleaning and disinfection services, especially when someone has gotten sick, when a high transmission rate has been recorded within the community, and high-risk individuals are in the office. 

Commercial property owners and businesses who wish to take a step towards maintaining a safer working environment can call Scrub Pros Janitorial Services on 504.334.8260 or visit the company’s website for more information. The commercial cleaning company is located at 217 16th St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70124 US.

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