Rotary Sealer Market Growth, Top Trends, Size, Demand, Analysis, Overview and Outlook 2020 to 2030

Rotary Sealer Market Growth, Top Trends, Size, Demand, Analysis, Overview and Outlook 2020 to 2030
IVAC 350 and IVAC 450 Rotary chamber vacuum food packaging equipment system developed in 2021 are next generation high speed food packaging machinery.

Rotary sealer machine used for sealing and printing flexible packaging solutions is expected to witness a significant growth owing to technological advancements and its benefits in the packaging industry. As the product is utilized for packaging in pouches, sachets, bags, its requirement in different industries plays a vital role for the growth of its adoption. Rotary sealers secure maintenance of hygiene of the product inside it and thus, encouraging the demand to boost.

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Innovation in Packaging Technology

Pharmaceutical companies have recently started focussing on packaging solutions. Child resistant packaging has been a new normal to prevent misuse and accidental consumption by children. Child resistant packaging has been very useful and is promoting the growth in USA, European Union, Canada, and Australia, China and other countries. Moreover, according to WHO, the annual trade in tamper evident medicines is EUR 73 billion due to which the medicines go waste. Rotary sealers provide anti counterfeit packaging due to which the sales are strengthening.

Growing Use of Robotics in Rotary Sealing Technology

As robotics technology is permeating every industry, rotary sealing is also witnessing the same. Many market players have identified the need of automation in rotary sealing and they are researching and launching packages having real time approach. Autonomous logic processing and sensing allows robots to walk over uneven ground, it can also walk up and down stairs and carry loads. Increasing demand of robotics on physical components encourages the need for innovative solutions. For example, micro lip was developed by the Eclipse solution for the need and due to the demand of customers wanting more performance in rotary applications. Microlips use a precision machined components with lip sealing a machined element and controlling interference and lip lay down.

Growing Preference for Radial Lip Seal

The advantages of radial lip deal include low cost, small lip space requirements, easy installation, and ability to seal a wide variety of applications. There are many types of lip sealers, formed lips can be used to retain lubricant, can easily handle pressure up to 150psi. As the lip is not spring loaded, its capability of handling misalignment is somewhat limited.

Machined lips are used for critical lip load applications. These lips are utilized as a lubricant retention and also as an excluder lip in conjuction with a primary formed lip. Machined lip has a narrower contact footprint on the shaft so it is more sensitive to eccentricity and run out then the formed lip.

In brief, one can say that the primary purpose of the lip seal is to retain lubricants and secondary purpose it to prevent the lubricant from contamination by excluding the contaminated part. Lip seals also perform the function of separating two different fluids, retain internal pressure and exclude external pressure as well.

Growing Use of PTFE lips in Challenging Applications

PTFE lips offer many advantages in industries replacing elastomer and carbon face seals in the air compressor market. These are utilized as to prefer zero leakage and extended seal life. PTFE lips are also utilized in Screw Compressors due to its ability to run at 1000 to 6,000 RPM with a huge range of lubricants for about 15,0000 hours. Its easy to install benefit EPA leakage requirements and find compatibility in oil and refrigerants and for use in small spaces for the entire lifespan of the pump.

As the seals are used in FDA approved materials such as hygienic motor seals, pharmaceutical mixers, pharmaceutical pill compactors, food processing requirement, mixing equipment, food saws, the demand may have a lucrative growth in the market.

Limitation with Sealing Technology Influencing End-users to Look for Substitutes

If the market players remain focussing on seal designs or materials, the new technologies from alternative sealing materials may hamper the growth of rotary sealers. The manufacturers should focus on pairing of pump and seal to break the 20-kpsi barrier. However, focus on new innovations by researchers can add value to the product.

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Competitive Landscape

The prominent players in the market include DFC Packaging Pvt. Ltd., ORICS, Pack Line Ltd., Proseal uk Ltd., Y-FANG Sealing Machine Ltd., Nelipak Corporation, Lockwood Packaging Ltd., Vortech Food Machinery, Steelco, Easyseal, EFE Lab, Audion Packaging Machines, Novuqare, LEF sealers, TBT, WOSON, INSPITAL, Euronda, Mestra, Joident, Runyes, DGM, Riverberi, etc.

Proseal uk in July 2020 announced new revolutionary tray positioning system. The technology provides food manufacturers the best position for trays. The technology removes the time consuming and potentially wasteful process of running test trays through the tray sealer to identify the best position.

IVAC 350 and IVAC 450 Rotary chamber vacuum food packaging equipment system developed in 2021 are next generation high speed food packaging machinery. It provides multi directional product feed, 99.5 stainless steel construction and its integrated quality module increases production efficiency and reduces the cost. The technology developed to help in real time monitoring.

A latest innovation in rotary sealing allows high speed dealing of food packaging using ultrasonics. Ultrasonic replaces heat in the package sealing process using vibrational energy. The invention allows bag makers to use a rotary sealing motion to seal the end. This saves the wastage in detective bags for about $50,000/year/machine. The innovation virtually eliminate leakers by increasing shelf life of the product and can be used in food, beverage, pet food, pharma packaging, etc.

Regional Outlook

The main factor for high demand and adoption of rotary sealers include technological advancements and involvement of robotics in the sector. According to the sources, robotics has the potential of getting 30% of work done without any human intervention.  For instance,

Asia Pacific is expected to have a lucrative growth owing to the increase in number of refineries in the region. Rise in government regulations, for example, EPA, to avoid damage to the environment may boost the demand. The other factors contributing to the growth of the market are rapid industrialization and increased demand of sealers from large number of automotive, oil and gas refine industries. Furthermore, automation and robotics are driving the market to larger heights. According to International Federation of Robotics, 30% of total industrial robot sales were in China, 14% in Republic of Korea, 13% in Japan.

North America is emerging as the growing region for adaptation of robotics in every area. The International Federation of Robotics estimates 14% growth in sales of industrial robots between 2018 to 2020. As per the report of Accelerating US Robotics Position, United States Manufacturing USA program of 14 advanced manufacturing institutes has witnessed $1 billion of investment with the Advanced Robotics in Manufacturing Institute receiving $80 million. Furthermore, companies are focussing on research and development sector for further innovations and advancements in the rotary sealers sector.


By Product Type

  • Horizontal Rotary Sealers
  • Vertical Rotary Sealers

By Automation Type

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Automatic
  • Manual

By Application

  • Food and Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Bags
  • Bottles

By Region

  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa

Key Questions Answered

  • What are the product types of rotary seals market? Horizontal and vertical rotary sealers.
  • Who are the leading players in the rotary sealers market? Y-FANG Sealing Machine Ltd., Nelipak Corporation, Lockwood Packaging Ltd., Vortech Food Machinery, Steelco, Easyseal, etc.
  • Which region to hold largest market share? Asia Pacific and North America attributing to involvement of robotics in the sector.
  • What are the key marketing trends for growth of rotary sealers? Growing use of PTFE lips, robotics in rotary sealers, innovations in packaging technology, etc.

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