Shawn Perry Is Scaling Brands To 7 Figures Using Tiktok & Snapchat Only. Here’s How:

If you’d met Shawn Perry five years ago, he would have been just another guy in the crowd of faces. He was working retail in parts of Bronx, New York commuting daily from queens, it looked like nothing was going to change. But once you meet Shawn, it’s easy to tell he’s more than just another guy you pass on the street.

Fast forward to today, and Shawn is known as one of the top digital marketing minds in the business. Shawn has been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox, and USA Today and just within the last few years, he’s generated over 7M+ in sales for his ecommerce clients using what he calls his “secret sauce” paid advertising strategies that he’s developed and refined over the years – mainly using Snapchat and TikTok ads. And it’s this unique approach Shawn credits for his success with digital marketing.

When asked about how he’s generating so much success for his clients, Shawn didn’t hesitate,“My advice is to ABSOLUTELY NOT do what everyone else is doing. And honestly that’s why my clients are seeing the results they’re seeing. Everyone else out there is using Facebook and Instagram, and we’re over here crushing it with Snapchat and TikTok because most other marketers just haven’t caught up to that yet… they’re still doing the same old, same old. And when they catch up to me here, I’ll already be on to the next thing.”

And when Shawn says he’s crushing it, that’s no exaggeration. When other marketers are happy to get a 15% or 20% return on their ad spend, Shawn has generated close to a 500% ROI on his ad spend for customers; spending $1.5M and generating over $7M in just a few years

When asked what keeps him going doing what he does best he replied “What I love most about what I’m doing is the creativity! I love making changes and seeing results right way” He stated, “Seeing the sales role in for my clients. It’s a pretty sweet feeling. It makes me feel alive!”

And alive is exactly how we’d describe Shawn’s approach to life and to marketing. It didn’t come easy. He related how he’s spent countless hours and sleepless nights mastering what he does, but it’s clear to see that hard work has paid off, and this “kid from Queens” is now one of the most sought-after Snapchat advertisers around.

To hear more about Shawn’s story and his approach to ecommerce advertising, more specifically Snapchat and TikTok advertising, you can learn more at

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