HAVIT won two awards for CF design at the 2021 Canton Fair

Introduction: Guangzhou HAVIT Technology Co., Ltd. a total of 3 pieces we ranked 2021 Canton fair CF prize, three of the product through the selection. Finally, two products won the silver and bronze awards respectively. Through Canton fair CF award platform shows HAVIT in the electronic appliances design concept and the design of product process.

What is the CF Award? The Canton Fair Export Product Design Award (CF Award) was founded in 2013. It is currently recognized as the most influential export product award with the highest gold content in China’s foreign trade field. It aims to become the world’s first-class design award and strives to create a cutting-edge display platform for China’s creation facing the world market Relying on the platform of Canton Fair, CF Award selects and selects excellent products with both design and market value.


The final assessment is made for the CF for 2021 judges from 13 countries and regions, after two days of site selection and intensive review selected 689 products of 277 companies, enterprises and products are at a record high Released from the award-winning works, products with innovative and practical environmental protection science and technology feeling, present a different visual feast.

Canton Fair export product design award exhibition hall, is all purchasers must visit a exhibition hall, in which you can see the products of various design awards. Since the opening of the second phase of the Canton Fair, many purchasers have come to HAVIT booth for in-depth negotiations because of the products in the CF award exhibition hall. “It was very special to see HAKII ACTION, the award-winning product from HAVIT, in the exhibition hall of the Design Award, which made me realize this brand. After learning about it at the booth, I found that the products of this brand have their own characteristics,” said Andreas, a buyer from Germany.


HAKII ACTION 2021 Canton Fair CF Silver Award

HAKII ACTION, which won the silver award this time, is a True wireless stereo earbuds designed for sports lovers. It can be worn stably and cannot be thrown off by using the rear-mounted body design. The original charging structure of the upper and lower cover of the charging box at the same time, charging for 10 minutes can play for two hours, a single time can play for 9 hours, with charging bin is expected to reach 36 hours of battery life. Semi-in-ear headphones also put an end to the stethoscope effect generated when sports, with IPX7 strong waterproof grade, meet whether running fitness sweat like rain, or swimming pool beach surfing. In other aspects, equipped with the mainstream Qualcomm QCC3040 true wireless Bluetooth 5.2 chip, low power consumption, fast transmission, stable connection.


HAVIT SK816BT 2021 Canton Fair CF Award bronze Award

HAVIT SK816BT is the Bluetooth sound that won the bronze prize this time. It sets the tone young, mainly light and portable, positioning multi-scene application, locking the fashionable young people who love life and music. The simple design contains the thoughtful pragmatism of the ingenuity, suitable for the human eye perspective, so that users comfortable experience audio-visual entertainment. Innovative handle and box connection design, more visual integration, more durable. In addition, it is no less functional with dual high-performance drivers and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, providing full HD sound and enhanced bass, creating surround sound. IPX6 waterproof grade, no fear of rain, suitable for different outdoor scenes built-in 7.4V/2500mAh large capacity battery, a charge can be up to 15 hours, enjoy music all day.


Guangzhou Havit Technology Co., Ltd. has been producing electronic products for 23 years. The company has been focusing on product innovation and adhering to the corporate philosophy of scientific and technological innovation and global service. “Investment in scientific research is crucial to an enterprise’s long-term competitiveness and sustainable development” said, Ms. LI WANPING, founder of HAVIT. HAVIT insists on deep cultivation in electronic consumer products and has unique design concept for audio source products. HAVIT invests 10% of sales every year to carry out product development and design, and innovative products emerge one after another. By adhering to independent research and development and original design, we hope that Vladivostok can bring more high-quality products and technological fun to global users.

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