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Dogs really are a man’s best friend. 

Until they roll into that giant puddle filled with mud and water. 

Because despite our best efforts, dogs ALWAYS manage to get wet and dirty…

And the resulting ‘wash and dry with a towel in the bathroom at home’ just isn’t a good solution to this problem, as now the mud and wetness on the dog has simply transferred to the owners house – floors, furniture and walls alike!

Then, the next day, when the owner tries to get the dog into a groomer, the owner is told that the groomer is busy for the next 2 weeks! 

2-weeks of ‘wet dog’ smell and a dirty looking pooch. 

Put a stop to this wet and muddy madness with a K9-Dryer. A K9-Dryer is a professional dog dryer that is hand-crafted by a family business made by, and for, dog-lovers…

The tenured crafters at K9-Dryers know how important the furry companion is to the family household, but they also know how difficult it is to get him or her completely dry after a bath. But not all dogs are the same, so K9-Dryers makes a wide variety of dryers to suit any four-legged friend.

They have two variable speed dryers that have ranges from light and easy air flow for the smaller and older dogs, all the way up to high speed for those really furry dogs that need a little bit more power to get dry. This means there is no need to purchase a different dryer for every dog in one’s home—no matter what the size difference.  

On the road frequently? Their Mini K9-Dryer is small, compact, and perfect for running off of a generator or the on-site power sources frequently found at dog shows. 

Many people worry about the difficulty, or discomfort drying their dog. But K9-Dryers thought of this too, and they offer a comfort sleeve that can put over the dryer hose while it dries. This keeps the user’s hand cool and comfortable while the job gets done.

In operation in the United States since 1959, K9 Dryers really are the best dog dryers on the market. K9 Dryers stand by this claim with a 2-year warranty, showing how confident they are that their product will not disappoint.

K9-Dryers additionally sells all the parts needed to repair their dryers. This means that if one part goes bad, it isn’t necessary to buy a whole new dryer. Instead just head on over to their parts page and grab the part needed. The dryer will be good as new in no time at all! 

And if a customer is not comfortable enough repairing their own K9-Dryer? They also have a service center that can help diagnose and execute repairs. 

Don’t even have a dog? K9-Dryers can be used for grooming larger animals such as llamas, sheep, horses, and any other cattle that someone may own.

Whatever the drying needs may be, contact [email protected], and they will match a product to the need, and get one set up with the ideal dryer, right away! 

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