Golden leaf international film festival “Dear Melina” Won best Debut short film

Directed by Victoria Radrigan and starring Alana Ramos, Dear Malina charts the journey of a sex worker as she gets bored with her life, only to find love and a lifetime of freedom and contentment.

This 7 minute short hits all the right notes as we find ourselves rooting for the reluctant protagonist who must navigate her perilous workplace environment to ultimately break free from it. The performances are believable, the sets rich and the sound design immersive.

Radrigan ensures the narrative keeps flowing without a dull moment in between. The star of the entire show is Ramos and her nuanced performance keeps our eyes glued to the screen for the entirety of her liberating journey.

Ultimately, Dear Malina is a story of finding love, even in a profession as unlikely as entertainment. With a commanding lead performance from Alana Ramos, Dear Malina shows the perils of balancing personal and professional lives in such a dangerous profession. A labor of love from director Victoria Radrigan, the film is as heartwarming as it is daring and is sure to be a darling of several film festivals in which it is sure to make a huge impact.

Dear Malina short film releasing on Dec 21, 2021

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Director: Victoria Radrigan
Writer: Cherry Fu
Cinematography: Victoria Radrigan
Producer: Ceemedia Productions
Actors: Audrey Love, Leonty McCarthy, Stefan Bandic, Keanna Bryant

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