How To Sleep Train A Baby For Naps?

How To Sleep Train A Baby For Naps?
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Sometimes, new parents may be curious about the baby’s naps. Why do babies need naps? How long should a newborn be awake? How to sleep training a baby for naps? Today’s article will introduce all information about baby snaps. Please kindly read on for references.

1. Why need to train a baby for naps?

1.1 have benefit for babies’ growth and development

Some research has found that babies’ who like to take more naps or sleep longer will be typically followed by a growth spurt.

Researchers are constantly studying to know more about the link between sleep and growth. Insufficient sleep will affect growth hormone secretion. The growth hormone is only released during sleep, whenever in the day that sleep occurs. When a baby sleeps, his/her body can produce human growth hormone, which not only will build muscle, but also will stimulate the bone marrow, where immune cells are created. Naps have benefits both for babies’ physical growth and brain development.

1.2 lack of sleep will bring bad impacts on babies

Lack of sleep does worse on cognitive and memory tasks. In the long-term, sleep deprivation even can lead to illness. It is necessary to get plenty of sleep for babies. It is a top priority.

2. How to train a baby for naps?

2.1 develop a habit

Some sleep experts have said that with a little training, most babies can reset their circadian clocks. It will make babies build a healthy sleep and wake habit slowly. No matter sleep late or sleep early, babies need to know their own biological clock better and improve the efficiency of sleep.

2.2 reduce or eliminate the noise

Babies’ sleep is prone to be disturbed by noises. It is also one of the most common causes of sleep interruption. Parents need to create a safe and comfortable environment for their babies to sleep in.

2.3 never go to bed hungry

Going to bed hungry can disrupt sleep. Remember never let babies go to bed hungry. If a baby is hungry, he/she will be upset and uncomfortable. They can not have a good nap in this state.

2.4 expend some energy before going to bed

Normally, people do some aerobic exercise that can make them quicker to fall asleep and sleep more soundly. Also, babies will fall asleep easier when they feel tired. Parents can arrange some activities before going to sleep with their babies, like reading books, playing games, standing, walking, etc.

3. Choose good sleeping bags will help babies have a better sleep

Below will recommend three special Kaiya Angel sleeping bags for newborn babies under 6 months.


In order to bring more sense of security for newborn babies. This sleeping bag especially has an ergonomic and waist design. This product has the function of anti-startle reaction. Babies can easier have a longer, restful sleep.

Now there are four different colors of this sleeping bag, lilac, cameo pink, whisper green, shell. Three classic, simple, solid colors, and one cute pattern of shells. Parents can choose a preferred color for their babies.


For most babies, the womb is the first place that can make them feel safe. They came to a brand new world after birth. This sleeping bag has a wrap-around closure that can simulate the uterine environment. Babies will feel safe and go to sleep securely.  

The babies’ hands and feet both can be wrapped with this swaddle. On the one hand, it can help keep warm. On the other hand, it also can help protect babies from flailing arms.

Kaiya Angel insists on a high standard of fabric selection. For example, this sleeping bag is made of bamboo fiber that is highly breathable, stretchy, anti-bacterial, anti-mite.

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