Toronto and North York Residents are Flocking to Get Car Detailing Done before Winter

Canadians in general, do take care of their vehicles, as they consider them an investment.  With the upcoming winter months, car detailing can be uppermost in the minds of Canadian residents.  While all manner of car detailing services exist, Red Fox Car Detailing, which serves the Toronto and North York areas, is responding with great discounts on all their services.  

The outdoorsy aspect of Canada although beautiful can have an impact on all the parts of a vehicle, from the inside to the outside.  The terrain is notorious for building up dirt, grime, and even grease, especially on tires and wheel wells, as well as the bodies of vehicles. 

Prices are slashed by Red Fox to a mere $49 on a sedan, $59 on a five-seat SUV, $69 on a seven-seat SUV, and $79 on a small pickup or mini-van. Clients can choose from a list of services, and either get the whole package, which is now 40 % off on the Red Fox Silver Special, or just focus on one aspect of the detailing. 

Dirt and bug removal, rims, and brake dust removal, degreasing of wheels and rims, hand wash shampoo, tire shining, and mirror cleaning are available.  Of course, anything extra like a special hand wax will cost extra, but the money saved on the initial services allows clients of Red Fox Car Detailing to get more for their money. 

The winter months in Canada can be dreary, but the look of a great vehicle that shines and is clean and sweet-smelling can lift spirits immensely.  Soft cloth and touchless drying is one much-requested service, as any drying with a harsh cloth can leave swirls and minor scratches.  Many clients do seek the swirl and scratch removal services also, as swirls and scratches devalue a vehicle and can be caused by clients themselves using too harsh cloth. 

Bug removal using specialized products is also a popular service, as bugs that are embedded in the exterior if picked away by clients can cause damage.  And yes, there can even be bugs that invade an interior, or grill of a car, such as hornets and other types of stinging insects.  This occurs in the warmer months but needs attention immediately. Vehicle grills are a favorite hiding spot for hornets and wasps to create a nest. 

No matter what type of issue Toronto and North York residents are having with the look, maintenance, or overall cleanliness of their vehicles, Red Fox Car Detailing has made the price cuts so appealing, that their services are now much in demand.  An appointment is needed, and the specials will not last for long.

About Red Fox Car Detailing

This car detailing service has been providing quality detailing services to residents of Toronto and North York for years.  The prices have dropped enormously to encourage maintenance before the winter months.  There is a booking form on the website and a list of all services with the prices as well as phone number and a list of hours. 

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