The Importance of Newborn Citizenship Canadian Passports

Choosing where a child is born is an act of love. To provide for their citizenship to one of the most prominent and economically sound countries in the world will be something that lasts their entire lifetime. But, unfortunately, it can be a scary and daunting prospect for anyone who doesn’t understand the laws or the necessary paperwork before, after, and during birth.

Canadian citizenship comes with a wealth of benefits. After the child is born, they can live and or travel to Canada without the hassle of getting a visa. In addition, they have access to renowned free healthcare as well as the education system.

In Canada, it is a policy that anyone born on Canadian soil is automatically entitled to full citizenship to the country regardless of the parent’s country of origin. Though this sounds like a simple process, like any other government procedure, red tape still has to be waded through to ensure the laws are abided.

That’s why many parents choose to work with a company that offers assistance through the entire process of obtaining citizenship for a newborn child.

One of those critically important red tape issues is securing the newborn child’s passport. The Canadian passport will provide the child with identification and proof of the newly obtained citizenship. Furthermore, those who have a Canadian passport discover that travel through other countries is a much easier process later in life.

A passport is also required for leaving the country with the newborn. In addition, parents wishing to take their child back to their home country after securing citizenship will need not only their own valid passport but a Canadian passport for the newborn as well.

Getting the newborn child a passport is where the water can get a little muddy if onedoesn’t understand the system. Canada requires specific documents to acquire a passport. Often these documents have to be original, and some may even have to be notarized or certified from the source.

Working with an agent at this stage can be a lifesaver. The agents have been through this process before. They can guide new parents through the entire process, making sure they bring the proper paperwork with them from home and fill out and file new paperwork.

“The goal is to make the process as simple as possible and ensure that everything goes smoothly. However, dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s can be overwhelming for those from another country. It’s essential to take as much stress off the new family as is feasible; that’s why agents walk new parents through each step of the process, including filling out paperwork.” Said a spokesperson.

About Birthright Citizenship Canada

Birthright Citizenship Canada is a full-service assistance program source for those seeking to provide their children with Canadian citizenship at birth. They have all-encompassing packages, where they handle everything from travel arrangements to doctor’s visits and all the paperwork in between.  Their goal is to take the stress of the expectant mother and father while making sure all the proper requirements are handled.

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