JALA Chairman Addresses the Importance of Human Elements to Youth in the Age of Digital Transformation

TOKYO, Japan – October 21, 2021 – Japan Active Learning Association, JALA’s Chief Director, Dr. Yuichiro Anzai announced on 21st October that their Chairman, Hideki Aikawa, made a public appearance in a panel discussion during his participation in Minds for Malaysia: Bridging the skills gap, a major online conference for the youngsters in Malaysia and abroad, after receiving a formal invitation from YB Jaziri Alkaf A. Suffian and MyProdigy Global.

Minds for Malaysia, is one of the largest virtual conferences focused on careers and talent development for future generations, with approximately 12,000 participants between the ages of 18-24 years old (https://mindsformalaysia.com/). The 1 full-day event consists of key addresses from highly influential individuals including YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, YB Datuk Seri Dr. Noraini Ahmad, Minister of Higher Education, and YB Dato’ Seri Ahmed Faisal Azumu, Minister of Youth and Sports. 

In the panel discussion titled “IR4.0 and Employment Opportunities it Presents”, Hideki addressed the importance of human elements in the rapidly changing era of IT and AI. He also introduced a new interpretation of this revolution, the Human Renaissance, or revival and recognition of human skills, which should co-exist with The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Moreover, he explained the key to success is to overcome challenges by referring to Japanese creations such as Bento and PS5, as examples of competence in Japanese people – creating a microcosm compactly.

JALA is and will continue to be actively engaged with such large events especially in Southeast Asia, as a key step to promote their unique talent development programs, including the SDGs Curriculum with proven records and scientific evidence.

About SDGs Curriculum:

SDGs Curriculum, developed by JALA and officially certified by Dr. Jeffrey D. Sachs, Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and Millennium Promise, aims to help talents grow their self-awareness and self-motivation skills to solve social issues and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, or the SGDs. With questions and problems, with no definite or absolute correct answers, SDGs Curriculum nurtures perspectives and insights unique to each individual.

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About Japan Active Learning Association:

Founded in 2015 in Tokyo, Japan, JALA is an educational organization that aims to promote practical and innovative approaches and knowledge to both students and businesspersons. JALA has been proactive in employing theatrical methods for their workshops and collaborating with prestigious academic institutions and corporations. In addition, JALA has been intensively involved in various social contribution activities and initiatives such as the Japan Council for Education Reform, e-Portfolio Society, and promotion of SDGs Points Project.

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