Parrigai – RFID Blocking Wallets Built For The 21st Century

Wallets are an amazing handy tool.

They help us do a lot: hold important cash on the go, and keep our identity cards with us as we go about our daily lives.

And since the advent of ATM technology, wallets have taken on a new role in our lives: keeping our precious ATM cards with us.

ATM cards provide a convenient, easy and fast way to access cash on the go, instead of having to carry a bulk of cash physically on our person.

However, with this freedom has come some problems: digital theft.

These days, hackers don’t even need to steal the card to steal money from the account.

They don’t need to have the ‘PIN’.

They don’t even need to SEE your card, or see any of the information on the card.


Because they can get all that information by themselves, using an RFID scanner to read the chip.

All they need to do is to be in close proximity to the card.

The RFID scanner automatically detects any cards that are in range, and immediately starts to copy them.

For ATM cards, this is usually the 16 digits in front of the card, as well as the 3 digits at the back.

Combined, these two numbers are enough to access the account attached to the card, and drain the account of all money.

And it doesn’t even stop there…

If one happens to have their identity cards with them, the information gotten from them can be used to stage an identity theft.

One could wake up one morning, only to find themselves charged with a crime they didn’t commit.

Imagine the horror…

This creates a very big problem.

First off, it is virtually impossible to avoid being in close proximity to others.

Going grocery shopping, picking up a fast food order and so much of the stuff we do require us to be in close proximity to other people.

Which means that, at any point during the day, someone passing by can easily read the data off of our card with an RFID scanner, without us even realizing it.

Only to find out when we start receiving debit alerts, courtesy of some anonymous hacker.

Now, old regular wallets weren’t built to deal with such a security threat; the digital kind.

They were built to keep cash handy, not to protect ATM cards from wireless cyber attacks.

This is a problem brought on by the information age, and it required us to rethink wallets.

That was what Parrigai set out to solve when they started making the first RFID blocking wallets.

What they created is a genius solution to the problem that automatically nullifies the threat by default.

Parrigai created the world’s first RFID blocking wallets.

Unlike regular wallets, these wallets are designed specifically to shield its contents from external radio waves and frequencies.

This makes them impervious to the radio signals used by the proximity RFID scanners used by the hackers to steal  card information off of the card.

In other words, the card information can’t be stolen off your ATM cards once they’re inside these wallets!

No need to worry about not being in close proximity to a RFID scanner.

Parrigai’s line of RFID wallets effectively  become the first line of defense against cyber hackers.

Plus, they come in different shapes, sizes and colours, meaning there’s always something for everyone!

Visit Parrigai at to cop these amazing security wallets TODAY!

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