Money Makin Marco tells the true story of the trap with his new video “Plays”

When you think of certain artists you automatically think of the places they come from, the sound they bring to the culture, the feeling you get when you listen to their music and the fact that you can relate to what they are saying. Depending on where you are from hip hop brings a certain flavor that is specific to the way of life in your city. When it comes to hip hop music in Georgia people automatically think of Trap Music. Trap music connects to the hard world of the streets and Money Makin Marco represents the heart of Trap Music well.

Being an artist born in Griffin Georgia, he was raised by his mother and father that taught him hard work and dedication was key to success. The real world also shows you what is necessary to survive in environments where you only have certain choices. Taking a passion to music he saw Trap Music as a way to express himself in a way the streets could relate.

With that said he teamed up with Producer 2-17 for new single Plays. This single brings you back to the days where artist would tell you street stories, but Money Makin Marco did it in a way you can bounce to in today’s hip hop world. Detailing the way, he lived growing up while laying every lyric precisely on the beat like it was orchestrated, Plays describes how he got it out the mud daily.

Plays has your head knocking and one of the best parts about the song is the Ab libs you hear in the background that complement the song as if it was written along with the main lyrics. If you thought trap music was going away, we promise you that Money Makin Marco just pushed it back to the top of the Hip hop Culture.

Check out the official video filmed by Shot4Shot Imagery in Atlanta. Plays by Money Makin Marco is available now on all streaming platforms.

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