BOC RNA Upgrades Its Nanoparticle Platform to Promote RNA Drug Delivery

BOC RNA recently announced that it has upgraded its nanoparticle platform to promote the development of efficient siRNA delivery systems.

New York, USA – October 21, 2021 – BOC RNA, a sub-brand of BOC Sciences that has long specialized in RNA product supply and technical support, recently announced that it has upgraded its nanoparticle platform to promote the development of efficient siRNA delivery systems.

siRNA therapy refers to the process of degrading mRNA in a highly specific manner in order to prevent undesired proteins from being created. However, several challenges remain in the application of siRNA treatment, the most significant of which is how to deliver siRNAs to the desired tissues and cells efficiently and securely. With its expert team and years of experience, BOC RNA employs its nanoparticle platform to assist biological and pharmaceutical firms in the creation of efficient siRNA delivery systems. And the services provided by its nanoparticle platform to help siRNA delivery include the following:

RNA Synthesis

RNA has long been a valuable tool for studying gene activity and developing of new therapeutic techniques, and it is frequently employed in biomedical research. BOC RNA can manufacture customized, flexible-scale, high-quality, and cost-effective RNA oligonucleotides that can be used for a variety of labeling, modification, scale and purity applications. It also allows for the production of lengthy RNA oligonucleotides up to 300 bases. To ensure its high quality, these RNA oligonucleotides are synthesized using the latest nucleic acid technology and identified by mass spectrometry to determine the final sequence and purity.

Choosing suitable nanoparticles

Each conjugation has unique requirements for diverse purposes, including siRNA sequence and modification, nanoparticle size, charge, and chemical modification. Liposomes/lipid complexes have been widely used as non-viral vectors for plasmid and siRNA delivery. Polymer nanoparticles are biodegradable colloidal systems that have been extensively studied for drug and gene delivery. And many inorganic nanoparticles have also been developed as potential siRNA delivery devices for simultaneous imaging and therapeutic purposes. They include carbon nanotubes (CNT) and metals such as iron oxide, quantum dots (QD) and gold. BOC RNA assists customers in selecting the most appropriate type and size of nanoparticles based on the specific requirements of the conjugates.

Cross-linking siRNA to selected size nanoparticles

Because of its numerous unique qualities, the nanoparticle non-viral delivery platform is very appealing for siRNA therapy since it can overcome various hurdles and obstacles of siRNA delivery, particularly bioavailability and biodistribution. Disulfide bond formation is currently the most prevalent environmentally responsive cross-linking approach for covalently attaching siRNA to nanoparticles. Relying on the most advanced biochemical facilities and years of experience in providing high-quality bioconjugate complexes, BOC RNA can provide customized nanoparticle-siRNA conjugate services with flexibility, reproducibility and quality assurance.

Advantages of BOC RNA

• Unique expertise in bioconjugation chemistry ensures the production of high-quality conjugates.
• High-quality, well-defined conjugates
• Flexible service options
• Experience and competence of a dedicated team

BOC RNA’s marketing manager stated, “We believe that our sophisticated technology in drug delivery will open the door for more and more research on siRNA drug delivery systems, and give support for targeted therapeutics.”

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BOC RNA is a sub-brand of BOC Sciences, which is mainly engaged in the research of RNA technology and its uses in disease treatment. It offers comprehensive RNA-related products and services, including siRNA design, synthesis, analysis, coupling, and delivery and mRNA vaccines, covering all development processes of RNA drugs.

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