Sharp Rise in Luxury Services Like Hot Towel Shave in a Post Pandemic Landscape

For the last eighteen months, the world came to a screeching halt. Everyone only did what was necessary, and months went by when those who were desperate enough cut their own hair, and the rest of the world just waited until barbershops and salons could open back up. Now that salons are able to provide services again, they are going out of their way to offer luxury services to their clients, including things like a full-service hot towel shave.

With the vaccine finally reaching levels that allow everyone to get back to everyday life, there has been a sharp rise in people wanting luxury services. And the service industry isn’t complaining; instead, they are expanding to offer more options and opportunities for clients to spoil themselves.

Though men may not be the first to come to mind when people think of self-care or spa-like services, men are among the sharpest rising clients in the luxury beauty industry.

During the pandemic, men experimented with their facial hair; without being forced to shave daily, they grew out beards and tried on mustaches. But as society heads back to the more professional and clean-cut look, more and more men are turning to professionals for their facial hair removal needs.

A hot towel shave is one of the most luxurious services available for men, and as such, it has blown up in a post-pandemic world. These razor shaves are a deep part of the history of the barbershop, and the modern version is a nod to that tradition with some new twists.

“Men are undeniably spending more time and money on taking care of themselves. But, as the pandemic winds down, more men are coming in looking for an experience that makes them feel like they’ve gone the extra mile. A hot towel shave is just that type of experience.” Said a spokesperson for the shop.

Hot Towel shaves are excellent for the skin, helping to remove dead skin and loosen clogged pores. Those prone to things like razor burns or ingrown hairs will find that hot towel shaves make the experience much more comfortable. The steam and heat from the towel helps pull any ingrown hairs to the surface and make it easy to cut them quickly. Because the primary job of the hot water is to soften the hair, it’s much less likely to cause razor burn as well.

“Men are finally starting to realize that it’s okay to want the same kind of indulgence in their salon services as women have been going after for years, and it’s a really welcome change in the industry.” Added the spokesperson.

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