Contest Scoop Shares Advice To Creating A Successful Giveaway

Canadian Online Directory of Contests and Giveaways Provides Professional Tips For Businesses Intending to Launch Giveaway Campaigns.

Contest Scoop is an online directory of contests and giveaways happening throughout Canada. The site is run by mother-and-daughter duo Angie Borcherding and Kimberly.

Being contest enthusiasts themselves, the two site operators religiously update the directory on a daily basis. They scrutinize and try out each contest themselves, ensuring that they only enlist those that are legitimate for the benefit of their subscribers and site visitors.

Since 2005, Angie has been writing and publishing articles on contests and giveaways. The former corporate travel consultant is regarded as an expert on the subject. Together with Kimberly, she enters dozens of contests each day, filtering out the reliable ones before publishing them on their site.

As professional assessors of giveaway campaigns, the Contest Scoop team also provides reliable resource materials to other contest enthusiasts. Angie publishes helpful guides and tips on the Contest Scoop website through its blog. She has been a blogger since 2014.

The site’s how-to articles help contest aficionados not just in Canada but in the US as well. Though the directory primarily features contests in Canada, a number of them are also open to US residents.

Now, Contest Scoop also shares its invaluable knowledge with business owners planning to run their own contest and giveaway campaigns.

According to the Contest Scoop team, conducting a successful giveaway campaign will require several different elements. These include relevance and significance of the contest’s objective, market interest on their reward item, providing a user-friendly experience for participants, and effectiveness of publicity to name a few.

Contest Scoop also emphasizes the importance of establishing trustworthiness. The team explains that while offering enticing prizes is crucial in gaining attention, contest holders will not get sufficient engagement if they fail to gain the trust of their audience.

To cite an example, the giveaway experts note that they only enlist websites that are protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). They also mention that participants are turned off by giveaways that are potentially misleading towards unwanted subscriptions and anything that will unexpectedly incur fees.

Furthermore, Contest Scoop says that a user-friendly experience in submitting entries is highly encouraged. Participants engage more with mechanics that are simple and easy to follow. Giveaway guidelines should also be transparent and understandable. If a UPC, special codeword, or bonus code will be required to participate, the guidelines must clearly state this, says the Contest Scoop team.

Social media also plays a key role in the success of their campaigns. According to Contest Scoop, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the most high-engaging venues available for contest holders. Having a strong following on these sites is a definite advantage.

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