Florida-Based Healthcare Company Now Offering Affordable Prescription Weight Management In Pinellas County

Doctors’ Weight Loss Center is a Florida-based company founded to offer simple, sustainable, and affordable weight loss solutions.

According to a study conducted by WHO in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and older were overweight. Of these, over 650 million adults were obese. Overall, about 13% of the world’s adult population was obese in 2016. 

The problems regarding poor nutrition and obesity have escalated in the past decade and peaked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to lockdowns / mandatory quarantines, most people did not regularly exercise, and many couldn’t find fresh supplies of healthy food in time. 

Doctors’ Weight Loss Center (DWLC), a Florida-based healthcare company based in Pinellas County, offers simple, efficient, and affordable solutions for people who wish to become healthier and naturally lose weight. As the brand states, DWLC’s mission is to “make the process of losing weight for our patients as easy and as efficient as possible.”

The brand utilizes the DWLC Approach™, a patented 4-step solution to accelerate weight loss for individuals struggling with weight and at risk of obesity.

“The DWLC Approach™ has been developed over 15 years of clinical experience and slowly perfected by applying our first-hand learnings from thousands of patient transformations. All of that data and experience have helped us pinpoint the health variables that contribute most to a typical successful weight transformation.”

DWLC customers are free to choose from a broad selection of appetite suppressants, weight loss injections, and nutritional supplements. The combination of these medications is the key to lose weight healthily and quickly. 

Doctors’ Weight Loss Clinic does not require contracts with their patients; instead, patients can schedule their initial appointment for $75 while weekly follow-up visits cost $56. The initial appointment includes EKG evaluation for medication eligibility, BFI and BMI measurement, meeting in-house doctors, a B12 injection shot, prescription medication, and supportive supplements.

Follow-up visits offer similar benefits, plus weight progress tracking, a blood pressure check, and “an opportunity to share the details of the patient’s weight loss journey with the staff, and to course-correct when necessary.”

The catalog of Doctors’ Weight Loss Clinic services includes health evaluation, proven weight loss plan creation, nutrition coaching, and availability of specialized supplements. DWLC is mainly recommending their patients undergo the ketogenic diet, as it was proven to be among the “easiest and most efficient diet plans for patients to learn, adopt, and sustain for longer periods of time.”

DWLC clinics operate in several locations: 

Largo – 3395 E Bay Dr. Largo FL 33771 

St. Petersburg – 5225 #B, 4th Street, St. Petersburg, FL 33703 

Palm Harbor – 34068 US HWY 19, Palm Harbor, FL 34684. 

Doctors’ Weight Loss Center has announced the opening of clinics at new locations soon.

More information about the Doctors’ Weight Loss Center can be found on the brand’s official website.

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