Dynamic International Limited Announce Novel DeFi Solution to Token Issues

Dynamic International Limited Announce Novel DeFi Solution to Token Issues
Dynamic International Limited (Dynamix) which is based in Manchester, UK has launched a revolutionary DeFi solution to resolve common issues faced by all market tokens.

Oct 22, 2021 – Dynamic International Limited (Dynamix), based in Manchester, UK has unveiled a unique solution that intends to provide resolution for common issues faced by all market tokens – using a novel type of Smart Contract. The company has been analysing DeFi and Smart Contracts and discovered three core issues impeding progress – high selling fees, a lack of buy-back, and low potential rewards in the market. The team has strategized and implemented a powerful solution in the form of a new Smart Contract, which currently operates as part of their system.

Dynamix’ native token, $DYNA, utilizes an AI-derived algorithm that automatically tunes taxes for each transaction. As the number of token holders increases, the algorithm increases the level of reward issued to holders, as well as dynamically adjusting taxes based on the length of ownership for the token. Essentially, long-term holders pay less tax than short-term holders – offering a strong incentive for longer-term investment.

There is also a buyback system present in their DeFi solution, which is calculated by the number of tokens that have been sold. The more tokens, the higher the buyback – with all recovered tokens being burned as an extra incentive. Dynamix has initiated a new marketing strategy that ensures the maximum potential of each new currency is reached. 

The CEO of Dynamix, Dan Nataf, is quoted as saying “Our token evolves in function of what is happening during the course of the day. It is programmed to optimize the distribution of rewards according to the holders or to adjust taxes according to the time held. To conclude, our token will continue to surprise you.”

The unique aspect of Dynamix’ buyback system is in producing higher returns in exchange for selling larger numbers of tokens. Their Smart Contract system automatically calculates and adjusts purchase percentages in line with maintaining the token price. This also means that when tokens are purchased via the buyback system, they are being taken out of circulation – by being burned.

In addition, the auditing group BrewLabs, a subsidiary of Healing Potion – has undertaken a full audit of the Dynamix token block, with no anomalies in approach detected.

There are a number of additional features available for token holders.

Supported by the existing PancakeSwap liquidity pools, there is a Dynamix-Swap-branded decentralized exchange available. There are also banking services, such as a cryptocurrency banking card, for token holders. Contacts are available below.

About Dynamix

Dynamix International Limited is based in the UK, and is the brainchild behind the Dynamix Token, with a Smart Contract that dynamically and automatically adjusts tax payments, permitting rewards for loyal token holders. Their core team consists of three employees, who are together lending their extensive experience in DeFi solutions, Smart Contract deployment and Blockchain science. 

You can follow them on twitter: https://twitter.com/Dynamixarmy, Telegram: https://t.me/DynamixToken and Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Dynamixarmy.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Dan Nataf (CEO)
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Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.dynamix.finance