Author David DeRosa presents the genre-bending, character-driven fantasy adventure novel “Anaxiunara (One Brief Eternity).”

Anaxiunara (One Brief Eternity), the first of the stories author David DeRosa has written, takes readers into the journey of Jo Lee Validad and his family as they go on epic adventures fighting evil wizards.

Author David DeRosa has an impressive fantasy adventure novel in the story “Anaxiunara (One Brief Eternity),” allowing readers to make sense of this world through a magical lens.

The story follows the pirate Jo Lee Validad and his family on epic adventures fighting evil wizards to seek justice for his murdered wife.

After wizards murdered Jo Lee Validad’s wife, the pirate captain embarks on an incredible journey to find those responsible and end the attacks on his homeland. With the loss of his wife and the danger ahead, Jo Lee will need help minding his children. 

As luck would have it, the nanny who finds him is, in fact, a mighty magical being who is ancient beyond reckoning and curious about people. And, if it could be said that a dragon has a weakness, it would be curiosity. Anaxiunara wishes to understand the strange and powerful magic that humans call Love.

David has put so much detail into character development and went above and beyond to describe the abilities of every character.

“It’s a very human story about a not-so-human being. I write fantasy because it’s a safe way to examine the human condition without giving offense to anyone. What happens is exciting and entertaining, but the real story is about the characters and their relations. We love stories that we can connect to. It’s not just all about magic and mayhem. It’s about people,” writes David.

David grew up in the borough of Island Heights on the New Jersey coast. As a teen, he worked at a sailboat rental giving lessons and maintaining the fleet of small daysailers. 

As a child, he was fascinated by the stories of pirate captains and buried treasures. David’s love of a good story has given him to many an armchair adventure wrapped in the bindings of science fiction and fantasy novels. 

Classics like Jules Verne and Mark Twain are among his favorites. His storytelling is also influenced by such writers as Anne McCaffrey and Patricia A. McKillip. David has written and recorded several original songs, played in and directed many community theatre productions. 

Some notable performances include Jesus in “Jesus Christ Superstar,” Pippin in “Pippin,” and Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat.” 

While he loves performing, David’s passion remains in writing. Working at a career with the Navy as an equipment specialist, he spent evenings and weekends writing three novels in the Sci-Fi–Fantasy genre.

Recently retired from his government work, David hopes to continue writing fantasy adventures for as long as he lives. Because, he says, “Fantasy is where it all begins. The ideas that shape our realities happen first in the imagination.”

As the holiday season inches closer, the book serves as an excellent gift for fantasy lovers looking for a fair share of action and adventure. Grab a copy of “Anaxiunara (One Brief Eternity)” on major online bookstore resellers such as Amazon, Barnes and NobleBook Depository, and other bookstores nationwide.

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