The Vaycaychella App Just Made Vacation Property Investment Available To Millions; Here’s Why It’s Described As The Robinhood Of Real Estate Investment Platforms (OTC Pink: WSGF)

World Series of Golf, Inc. (OTC Pink: WSGF) is an interesting story. They actually have very little to do with golf and, instead, have a whole lot to do with making vacation-property real estate investment available to millions. In fact, after their re-branding gets the official stamp of approval from FINRA, Vaycaychella will be the emerging entity. And it may clear up any confusion investors may have about what this revolutionary company and its flagship app can do. So, taking advantage of a somewhat confusing story, and its insanely cheap share price, may be an opportunity whose time is fading.

Make no mistake. While you can bring your golf clubs after purchasing an interest in a vacation rental property through Vaycaychella, that’s about as far as World Series of Golf, Inc. will take you on the sporting side. But, assuming you are interested in a luxurious golf course property, WSGF still fits the bill. And at the end of the day, that’s the purpose of Vaycaychella. Create opportunities that meet interests.

In fact, at its best, Vaycaychella is making vacation property investment available to millions of investors that were previously excluded due to logistical hurdles to close even a simple loan. Better still, not only does Vaycaychella facilitate easy-to-navigate real estate transactions, it can get them complete in as little as a few days. Moreover, forget about credit checks, job verification, income statements, and providing two years worth of bank statements. If an investor has the cash, a deal can be made.

Even better, Vaycaychella allows for fractional ownership. So, for those that have $1,000 to invest, considering a $500 piece of two properties is possible. The app is indeed a game-changer and is the first of its kind to allow small investors a chance to take advantage of opportunities made available through the multi-billion dollar vacation property markets.

Further, it’s the only known app that could allow a typical retail investor to amass real estate interests worldwide. And it’s catching on.

Vaycaychella Targets Massive Investor Audience

Vaycaychella user adoption is growing. While the raging pandemic put a near halt to the vacation property rental sector, things are finally picking up. In fact, reports suggest that more than five million private properties are now available for short-term rentals, surpassing the combined room totals of several of the largest hotel brands. It’s no coincidence that growth is surging. After being quarantined for nearly two years, people worldwide are ready for action. Safe and socially distanced when appropriate, of course.

In any case, as the number of properties available surges, so does the amount of investment opportunity. Vaycaychella hits multiple sides of the opportunity. In addition to outright ownership interest, the app also connects investors and owners for short-term projects, renovations, and even large-scale construction.

Many of these short-term opportunities don’t provide ownership but instead give healthy interest rates to attract investors. Plus, as these investors and owners make deals, a few days of R&R can likely be worked into the agreement as well.

But, beyond the short term, Vaycaychella is the ideal vehicle to facilitate actual ownership in vacation rental properties. And, as noted, it can provide diversification through multiple properties around the globe. Hence, savvy investors can take advantage of seasonality to keep an income stream flowing year-round. Moreover, as property values increase, so do the investments. After all, these are deeded deals with recorded filings.

It’s big business, too. In 2021, revenues generated from the short-term vacation rental business are expected to pierce the $85 billion. Forecasts call for the market to surge past $100 billion in revenue-generating opportunities within the next four years. It’s more than fair that an app finally exists to let the retail class enjoy some of those riches. And there’s plenty to go around.

Massive Industry That Needs Investors

Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB) alone is estimated to have five million property listings available. And they are just one player. Several more like VRBO and (NASDAQ: BNKG) also add to private property listings. Hence, the actual number of listed privately owned properties could extend well beyond ten million units. So, at the end of the rental-income-generating day, that’s excellent news for Vaycaychella users.

And, remember, just because a property is listed doesn’t mean owners are flush with cash. Some of these listings happen because owners need cash. Thus, it’s a business like any other. It’s just that before Vaycaychella, it took smaller investors having the ability to jump through hurdles to get a loan approved. That often left distressed properties going back to lenders, who then turned them over to their elite friends, who in turn made some wonderful revenue-generating vacation property REITs. No one is blaming the system. Many are just happy that it’s changing.

The most significant change is that opportunities have trickled down the investment ladder. And much of that progress can be attributed to forward-thinking apps like Vaycaychella, which are designed to empower entrepreneurs to enter and compete within the massive short-term rental market by providing tools not previously available. And they did that by creating an innovative app that can facilitate seamless transactions, match property buyers and sellers together, and help expedite loan approvals and property listings.

It’s so cutting-edge, in fact, that its Version 2.0 is integrating a cryptocurrency feature enabling investment through a dedicated token offering. As part of the platform, Vaycaychella provides entrepreneurs with the tools to efficiently create a cryptocurrency they can sell to raise funds for purchasing short-term rental properties. The newly created cryptocurrency is also listed on Vaycaychella’s exchange. The result is as expected- those purchasing specific cryptocurrencies will be stakeholders in the short-term rental business. It’s a clever idea that makes the app more attractive to investors not having quick access to traditional banking.

Moreover, the version 2.0 app combined with Vaycaychella’s cryptocurrency solution will substantially lower the barrier to entry in the real estate market for entrepreneurs looking to gain access to the short-term rental industry and small investors that want to make fractional investments in short-term rental real estate ventures.

Indeed, it’s a sum of its parts that makes the Vaycaychella investment opportunity compelling. The better news is that stock investors can invest directly into that value through its parent company World Series of Golf, Inc. (WSGF). Thus, for stock market investors and real estate investors, it offers a win-win opportunity.

Blazing Its Own Vaycaychella Trail

Better still, for either interest, Vaycaychella is planning to do even more to secure its position as the industry trailblazer. Vaycaychella is in late-stage processes to introduce tools for the entrepreneur beyond its innovative and comprehensive purchase financing platform. In fact, Vaycaychella plans to add online banking and credit card services that can extend to entrepreneurs as additional tools in managing their short-term rental businesses. These assets would be a means to facilitate property updates, help with capital improvements, and even as the primary management tool for each property. The functionality allows pre-set spending limits, and a means to be less engaged with daily management. In short, it makes Vaycaychella a one-stop shop to purchase and manage properties.

Here’s even better news. Vaycaychella is in negotiations to acquire an existing travel booking technology to enable short-term rental property managers the ability to generate additional revenues from booking air travel and car rentals. That technology goes as far as allowing property owners and investors to add premium booking services to their own property websites under their own brand name. It’s another value-adding feature that can take an investment and turn it into a broader business offering.

Still, while much is happening to get Vaycaychella ready for mass media exposure, the beauty of the app is its simplicity. Better yet, it combines simplicity with transformational functionality. To those just now reading or hearing about Vaycaychella, it’s an app that makes partial and whole ownership in vacation rental property available to the masses. Many have compared it to the retail-focused stock investing app, Robinhood, which went from a small startup to a multi-billion company in less than a decade. They did that by doing what Vaycaychella is doing- bringing an untapped investment opportunity to the retail investor class.

It was also an app criticized by Wall Street because it made stock market investment simple. If investors have the cash, they can buy stock. Wall Street, by the way, still hates them and would love to see them disappear. After all, it pushed almost every retail broker to eliminate trade commissions. But, with retail investors singing their praises despite a few hiccups, that’s not going to happen.

Validating A Business Model

What their success also does is prove a business model. And it’s the one Vaycaychella is exploiting. Similar to Robinhood’s model, if investors have available funds, including certain digital currencies in the future, they can purchase and create a property portfolio. And comparable to the pace of growth at Robinhood, once people buy into the system, they can be hooked. Not in the wrong way. Hooked-in the sense that property ownership can be made simple and through just a few clicks of the mouse. Keep in mind, deals are made between investor and owner. And while much of the traditional processes are entirely eliminated, Vaycaychella isn’t facilitating free property handouts. Investors still need to have capital, and formal closing documents exist to protect both parties.

But, here’s what investors won’t need to worry about. Gathering employment history, maiden name of family members, three years of bank and credit card statements, and a potential lien on already owned assets. Employers won’t get bothered either to make sure the income disclosed matches to the penny.

No, it’s a simpler and more efficient process that makes a market easy to navigate and accessible to virtually anyone worldwide. Vaycaychella may be especially attractive to investors in countries where traditional banking services are not offered and especially to those where logistical challenges maker getting to a financial institution near impossible.

So, how does Vaycaychella work?

Vaycaychella’s Ease Of Use Is Its Biggest Attraction

It’s easy. In fact, super easy. Buyers create a profile, sellers list properties, and deals get made. It’s almost like a dating app for real estate investors – and the ability to create detailed profile and project pages make finding a match easy. The difference from traditional real estate investment options is that Vaycaychella has few exclusions to limit smaller investors. That’s where this market opportunity truly shines.

Even better, anyone can register as an investor – individuals or institutions. And once the simple registration process is completed, investors can view the prospective short-term vacation rental properties and the individuals behind the rental businesses running the property. As noted, one of the best features is that the app can help even small investors create fractional interests in properties across the globe.

The even better news is that once those simple registration steps are completed, a plethora of investment opportunities are exposed. And, as noted, Vaycaychella is more than a straight property investment app. Its industry-disrupting approach to real estate purchase also helps provide financing to anyone looking to acquire, restore, or operate a short-term vacation rental property. Investors can even take advantage of short-term investments by taking on a “remodeling” loan. They provide the cash, they get a premium interest rate in return.

Eliminate The Hurdles And Get It Done

Here’s the best part. It can get the job done by eliminating obstacles that often make property investment challenging for smaller investors. Unlike traditional property investment, investors can negotiate without completing the usual income verification and background checks. The app appeals to investors and real estate property owners by offering a streamlined process that mirrors the stock market – as long as the investor currently has the available funds, they can make an offer just as they could purchase shares of a company.

Perhaps the most distinguishing part of the app is that its innovative and accessible features are attracting a new generation of retail investors that may not otherwise have an opportunity to find and invest in global properties. Utilizing app-based technology, Vaycaychella makes investment opportunities seamless, again hoping to do for real estate investment what Robinhood did for retail stock investing.

Now, of course, it’s up to the Vaycaychella marketing team to get this revolutionary app into the hands of millions of potential property investors. And while it’s a work in progress, incremental updates should help put WSGF stock back on a path toward 52-week highs near $0.07. From current levels, that’s a more than 430% increase. Still, updates indicating an acceleration of downloads can put WSGF on a trajectory to regain multi-year highs closer to $0.10. Those following the stock know that moves can be swift, and valuations can soar on good news. And with multiple initiatives happening, that could happen sooner rather than later.

Thus, as Vaycaychella navigates its way into a lucrative market, current investment consideration is timely. In fact, with WSGF in the best operating position in its history and with both milestones and catalysts expected near term, the WSGF value proposition is compelling.

Remember that Robinhood went from an app-based startup to a multi-billion dollar valuation in about seven years. WSGF has owned Vaycaychella for a little over one year. Hence, management has time to replicate their success. But, being realistic, expecting just 1/10th of what Robinhood did would be appreciated. If they hit that target, expect the share price to be represented by dollar signs instead of cents. From current levels, that could help buy an impressive amount of vacation property assets around the globe.

In fact, with the right investment, shares could even be traded for property interest in the French Riviera. Never rule out the possibility. It’s bad karma. And with Vaycaychella storming forward, WSGF stock can turn probability into reality.


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