“Home Run” Jonathan Bouchard Is Living Proof Wall Street Success Does Not Require a College Degree

"Home Run" Jonathan Bouchard Is Living Proof Wall Street Success Does Not Require a College Degree

There has been an increasingly vocal debate over the true utility of a college degree in 2021. There are millions of jobs being taken on by those with college degrees that do not require them. With the influx of college graduates flooding a job market with fewer jobs that require those degrees, more young people are starting to ask, “Is it worth getting a college degree?”

There are several reasons for the diminishing value of a university degree, as found by researchers. Today, there is no guarantee that you will get a good-paying job requiring skills learned in college just because you have a degree. Additionally, the information students are taught in colleges today is not always helpful in meeting the actual demands in the workplace. 

All of the time and money spent on pursuing higher education for a degree that means less with each passing year could have been used to become an entrepreneur instead or learn in the field while observing others who are experts. The return on investment often ends up being far more impressive than what could have been attained with a college degree. 

Even as far back as a decade ago, The New Yorker shared that the cost of student loans was ballooning to the point where it cost more than what the degree received was worth. Borrowing money to spend on going to college to get a job worth less than the loans taken out for that degree has led to a higher-education bubble. While sentiment and perceptions are changing, a great number of young people today still overestimate how valuable a college degree is.

  1. “Home Run” Jonathan’s Inspirational Story

22-year-old Wall Street pioneer “Home Run” Jonathan Bouchard didn’t want to follow down a path so many others have before him with little to show for it. He looked closely at the pros and cons of going through the long and laborious process of getting a college degree and opted against it. Thanks to his decision, he now can boast of closing $129 million in sales within just 90 days. Hailing from Montreal, “Home Run” Jonathan had demonstrated his ability to determine winners and losers in the financial markets. He took on the “Home Run” nickname after he made a windfall in profits from betting against pending Mergers and Acquisitions in the covid crisis with the help of stock derivatives. This strategy netted him a remarkable 15x ROI. This was something that was virtually unheard of, which quickly helped him rise in the ranks among senior traders. Getting his start trading currencies when he was just 17 years old, Jonathan ended up breaking several records within every bank and trading firm he worked for. His decision to forego getting a college degree and learn from direct experience and observing veteran traders has helped his path to success become a quick one. 

When he was just 18 years old, Jonathan was asked by a proprietary trading firm whether he would be interested in managing $5 million in assets for them. Seeing his impressive success over the previous year demonstrated to them that even though he didn’t have a college degree, he knew what he was doing. Thanks to them taking a chance on him, Montreal Trading Group saw two of their most advanced profitable strategies optimized. 

Continuing his success without a college degree, Jonathan went on to become recruited by one of the biggest banks in Canada as a stockbroker. He went on to manage over $1.5 billion in trades on the stock market since the beginning of his career. As if that was not enough, Home Run Jonathan also broke the firm’s record for the greatest amount of sales closed in a single quarter for a high-level stockbroker. This was thanks to closing $129M CAD in just 90 days. That breaks down to an astonishing $300,000/hr. When asked how he accomplished this feat at such a young age, Jonathan replied, 

“Everyone is on their path, but I’m a competitive person. This attribute has helped me a lot in the workspace. I try to think ahead of the trend. It’s important to understand the circular flow of the stock market and how every market participant interacts with each other through market sentiment. Who benefits from the changes that are happening in society right now? What are the new trends? On what products the population is spending more money than before? These are all good questions you should ask yourself to find the next 200 IQ play.’’

  1. Achieving Great Success Without a College Degree

Today, perhaps more than ever, it is possible to unlock extraordinary success without pursuing higher education. Many of today’s wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs either dropped out of college or skipped going entirely. Jonathan Bouchard follows in the footsteps of those successful pioneers who came before him in their respective fields. He now becomes a trailblazer for others to follow into a fulfilling life that delivers far more than a college degree could today.

As a firm believer in merit-based advancement, Jonathan wants to see hiring managers placing more weight on the skills and real-world experience candidates have versus the classroom education they received. Those true achievements and accomplishments are worth far more than any diploma. Jonathan believes that given the current higher education bubble and crisis of there being more people with college degrees than jobs matching them, a new evaluation method should be implemented. ‘’I’m happy to see an increase in awareness of employers starting to look for non-traditional aspects such as competitiveness and intelligence to assess a candidate’s potential. Apple and Google recently announced that they are looking for new ways to hire people without college degrees. It’s a step in the right direction.’’ Bouchard remarked. 

Jonathan’s story can be an example to others in high school, or even those already in college, who are questioning whether a college degree is ultimately worth getting. Given how young Jonathan was when he started his path of success, his story may indeed sway others away from getting a college degree and opting for investing money that would have gone towards student loans into becoming an entrepreneur or investor.  Jonathan wants to share his precious knowledge which can’t be found online and mentor a handful of individuals to help them reach their full potential in the stock market. 

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