How This Single Mother Scaled Her Business During The Pandemic From Nearly Nothing To Surpassing Her Previous Annual Salary Within Months

Sherwanna Livingston is a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of Sherwanna Livingston & Company, a business coaching brand for high-performing c-suite professionals.

Just five years ago, Sherwanna was working as a corporate trainer when she was unexpectedly laid off. This was a massive blow financially, especially considering she was five months pregnant. 

Sherwanna knew this wasn’t the time to lay down, so she enrolled in college to complete her Public Relations degree and launched Live Love Your Passion – a personal development platform. As any emerging entrepreneur can attest, starting a business requires a great deal of time, fortitude, and of course, capital. Needing the latter, Sherwanna took a position as a sales agent in the telecommunications industry. Although she was overqualified for the position, Sherwanna took this opportunity to expand her knowledge of advancedsales techniques and various other skills that she would ultimately use to live and love her own passion. 

It was during this season of transition that Sherwanna learned several key principles that would become the foundation for the work she would perform, including:

“Always remain true to your purpose

View every stage of your journey as a learning opportunity

Invest in yourself and your vision.”

At the onset of the pandemic in March of 2020, Sherwanna struggled to find balance between the demand of her changing schedule and meeting the needs of her two daughters, whose schools and daycares had shut down. This is when she made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. For the remainder of 2020, Sherwanna persisted through trial and error, sleepless nights, and consistent strategy implementation, until she finally got her big breakthrough. She landed her first corporate contract in January 2021, which was a pivotal milestone for her brand!

Sherwanna stood firm on the vision that she was called for and reinvested in herself to replicate her success. After landing her first contract, she hired a team to help her execute her vision, including a graphic designer, project manager, and a virtual assistant, whose collective expertise helped her to grow her business by 768% the following year.

Today, as the CEO of Sherwanna Livingston and Co., she is leveraging her experience to teach high-performing female entrepreneurs how to secure corporate contracts and package their own expertise into premium signature offers! She is also the owner of the aptly-named, LLYP Studios, a subsidiary of Love Love Your Passion, which is the agency that provides branding services for her corporate clients. 

For high-performing entrepreneurs with a passion for personal development and leveraging their strengths to secure high-end retainers and corporate contracts, Sherwanna Livingston and Co. is the premier agency for support and growth with personal branding. Sherwanna’s clients can attest to her ability to inspire, empower, and equip them for high performance in their industry. 

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