The Underpinning of a Basement Can Impart Safety and Add an Extra Space to a Home

Basement underpinning is a very delicate process that most Canadians are not even aware exists.  It is simply the removal of soil from underneath a basement, thereby lowering the basement, and creating more space in a home for an added room or added storage. 

Older homes especially in Canada can be enhanced by this process as the older homes generally only have a small crawl space rather than a full basement.  However, basement underpinning is also an option for newer homes that simply seek more space on the lowest level.

Basement Finishing Company, of Concord, ON, serves the GTA and surrounding areas with quality basement underpinning services and has the technical expertise to successfully underpin a basement.  Choosing the correct basement underpinning company is crucial as a poorly underpinned basement can create cracked walls and other damages to a home. 

A thorough onsite evaluation is necessary before work proceeds as many factors must be considered.  The size of the space a homeowner seeks is one, and the condition of the current basement or crawlspace is another.  In addition, the load-bearing structure must be assessed, and any permits needed must be obtained. 

Once all the factors have been taken into consideration and a basement underpinning can be done, then an architect is assigned as well as an engineer.  The plans must be highly detailed and complex, and a timeframe, as well as the plans, are then discussed with the homeowner.

Site preparation is done to maintain the home’s functionality while the basement underpinning work is underway.  The soil is dug out first, with the basement lowered and the old flooring is removed.  Waterproofing work will be done throughout the process of underpinning the basement, as a leaky basement is what Basement Finishing Company seeks to prevent as well. 

Backfilling with a sump pump added are the final steps to a new, enlarged basement through underpinning and this also takes a great deal of knowledge and attention to detail.  The whole process should only be done by a proficient company such as Basement Finishing Company. 

Onsite consultations are free with Basement Finishing Company as this company needs and wants as much detail as possible about the home before underpinning work begins.  This is by no means an easy process but can be done with spectacular results by picking a company with a great reputation in the underpinning of basements such as Basement Finishing Company. 

Having a dream basement instead of a small, dank basement, or worse yet, a tiny crawlspace will add years of pleasure and resale value to a home.  But picking and choosing wisely in the choice of companies to complete this type of detailed work is something all homeowners need to do.

About Basement Finishing Company

This company, located in Concord, ON, outside of Toronto serves a wide are of the GTA with basement underpinning services.  Onside consultations are free, and there is an online form on the website, as well as a phone and an email.  Attention to detail makes Basement Finishing Company a great choice for basement underpinning services.  The company also works around the homeowner’s schedule and budget.  

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