Treatment for Addiction in Indigenous Peoples is Now Available

Addictions in Indigenous Peoples need a specialized approach and are now available through Addiction Rehab Toronto. Aboriginal tribal members can be unaware of the resources to which they are entitled, and many experience long waitlists through the current Ontario Health Insurance Plans. 

Accessibility can also be a problem as tribal members can live in remote areas.  This leaves many Indigenous Peoples living with addiction without many good options 

A collaboration with First Nations, Inuit, Metis, and other groups that were initiated by Addiction Rehab Toronto has led to a more timely and effective method of providing drug rehabilitation services to Indigenous Peoples. 

The addicted individual also has a choice of either 32-day treatment, 62-day treatment, or 92-day treatment based upon the personal needs, types of drug addiction, and of course, the length of time of addiction. 

The treatment program established by Addiction Rehab Toronto allows for immediate access and immediate care, as alcoholism and drug abuse have to this day not been addressed well enough for Aboriginal Tribes. 

There are many cross-addictions and co-morbidities with depression and other mental illnesses not taken into consideration in the overall treatment of this fairly large group of individuals in Canada. 

Empowerment and inclusivity are a primary focus when dealing with Aboriginal Tribal Members, and Addiction Rehab Toronto understands this.  Several facilities have expanded throughout the GTA and surrounding areas, and all North American Tribal members are welcomed. 

If a member of a Tribal Band, there can be funding to cover the costs both of in-patient and out-patient treatment and all possibilities of payment are explored with the focus on the least amount paid by someone who is receiving treatment. 

Any behavioral issues are also treated as these can be part and parcel of any addiction.  The types of drugs addictions treated are vast, from Adderall and alcohol to cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin with dozens of other drug addictions on the list of treatable diseases.  Addiction is considered a disease, not a failure of character, and the counselors at Addiction Rehab Toronto understand this. 

Suffering from alcohol and drug addiction does not have to continue for Indigenous populations anymore.  Addiction Rehab Toronto provides the finest in drug and alcohol addictions in Aboriginal Tribal members, and the mission is care mixed with compassion and an understanding of the psychographics that this group of individuals in Canada does possess. 

Making life more livable free of drugs and alcohol for Indigenous People is the primary goal of ART, who pride themselves on their commitment and care needed as well as insights into the community needs of Aboriginal People.  A simple private phone call or chat online is all that is needed to start the process.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

This drug detox and rehabilitation center in Toronto does focus on the different psychographic needs of each addict, and now is including Indigenous populations in their offerings.  Tribal members have different issues and can have a lack of access to quality care.  Addiction Rehab Toronto will address these needs and is also available to any individual seeking assistance with addiction throughout North America.  A private chat line is on the website as is a phone and email for immediate assistance

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