UpWellness announces a new protocol based on Dr. Josh Levitt’s “bone on bone” joint pain discovery

Thousands of Americans are using Dr. Levitt’s turmeric protocol to help ease knee, hip, neck, back, elbow and feet pain.

Joint replacement surgery is big business. US surgeons replace 600,000 knees and 450,000 hips every year at a staggering cost of over $20 billion annually. Not surprisingly, the majority of these surgeries are done on patients in pain. Most of them have had x-rays or MRI’s that show a “bone on bone” condition which surgeons routinely use to justify the surgery. But a whistleblowing physician has recently revealed that up to one-third of those surgeries may be unnecessary…and avoidable.

Dr. Josh Levitt, the co-founder and medical director at UpWellness has been treating musculoskeletal pain patients using naturopathic medicine for over 20 years. His clinical outcomes include thousands of joint pain patients who are now pain-free without drugs or surgery. This pattern of consistent, long term relief is what has led to the development of an entirely new approach to joint pain.

At the core of this novel approach is the surprising observation that x-ray and MRI images often do not accurately predict the level of pain that a patient may be experiencing. In other words, there are many patients who have a “bone on bone” condition but have no pain. Dr. Levitt explains that when people do have joint pain, there are virtually always additional factors to consider beyond what can be seen on the films.

According to Dr. Levitt, the three underlying factors that contribute to joint pain are: 1) Inflammation, 2) Muscle tension, and 3) Fibrosis (scar tissue). He goes on to explain that when these three contributing factors are addressed effectively… people can get complete pain relief, even if the doctor has said it is “bone on bone.”

Dr. Levitt has drawn from his own clinical experience, the wisdom of herbal medicine history, and the science of modern clinical research and developed a safe, effective, and 100% natural solution for musculoskeletal pain. His bestselling joint pain supplement, Golden Revive +, is an innovative formulation that addresses the inflammation, muscles tension, and fibrosis in and around painful joints which restores pain-free range of motion.

Golden Revive + combines six potent herbal and nutritional ingredients to help people who struggle with painful knees, hips, necks, backs, shoulders, elbows, hands or feet. People who take Golden Revive + routinely report impressive results, with hundreds of reviews describing reduced pain, improved mobility, a return to activity, and even cancelled joint replacement surgeries.

A verified buyer named Sandy R. had this to share about her experience using Golden Revive +:“…I’m loving how I feel. I’m cancelling my hip replacement surgery…this stuff is a miracle.”More information about Golden Revive + and the work of Dr. Josh Levitt can be found at https://shop.upwellness.com/pages/golden-revive-plus

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All UpWellness products are physician formulated and made with 100% natural, hand-selected ingredients. Each formulation is 3rd party lab-tested for quality and safety, and Dr. Josh takes great pride in producing only the highest quality, premium-grade products.

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