What classic watches does AGELOCER have? – Introduction to Agelocer

Except the most basic timing functions, more and more people’s perception of watches has also changed. The watch has been given a deeper connotation, which can represent the personal personality and social status of the wearer. To choose a watch that suits you, in addition to the price, They have to consider the design, movement, and quality of the watch. AGELOCER, a popular Chinese mechanical watch brand in recent years, has been favored by many young people because of its bold and innovative design style, and its independent research and development of sophisticated mechanical movements.

About Us

AGELOCER is a young and energetic mechanical watch brand of China which established in 2013. They insist on original design and independent research and development of the movement, constantly pursuing exquisiteness, avant-garde and breakthrough. They respect tradition but they are not bound by it.AGELOCER has assembled a global team of outstanding designers and watchmaking, breaking traditional watchmaking conventions, transcending technical boundaries, showing their unique charm to the world, and endowing traditional mechanical watches with a new era gene. AGELOCER has unique insights and pursuits on watchmaking technology. The product team runs through the entire line from design and drawing, plate making, accessory production, manual assembly, and testing, breaking through the ceiling of China’s watchmaking industry, and is committed to developing outstanding Chinese movement that lead the industry. Their goal is to become the leader of a new generation of mechanical watches, to introduce AGELOCER’s brand culture to the world with their dedication and ardently love, and contribute to the creation of better watches.


The four main series of AGELOCER watches

Every product of AGELOCER has its own innovative ideas, and every product design has a soul and concept. Among them, the four most representative series are Big Bang series, Astronomer series, Tourbillon series and Schwarzwald Series

Subvert tradition:The Big Bang Series

The design of the Big Bang series of watches is inspired by the elements of the racing instrument panel, and the elements of the racing rudder wheel are applied to the 24-hour dial. This series of watches is born for original design and precision machinery, abandoning the traditional appearance and ordinary structure. Using rigorous technology to create the first multi-level mechanical dial in the watch industry, In the ultra-thin space of 2.4mm thickness, a space interspersed design for accommodating the 4-layer dial hollow structure and hands is realized. This watch adopts a three-hand separation design, and each hour, minute, second hand has its own timekeeping system, subverting the traditional way of timekeeping. The Big Bang series mechanical watches have won the 2020 London Design Award Silver Award, the 2021 Berlin Design Award Silver Award and the 2021 Italy A’ Design Award and other international design awards. They have been recognized by the international design community and redefine the mechanical watch.

Timing Art: The Astronomer Series

The astronomer series watches are inspired by the sun, moon and stars, embodying the eternal origin of astronomical phenomena and expressing time. The AGELOCER Moon Phase watch breaks through the shackles of the small window mode of the traditional moon phase watch, and enlarges the window of the moon phase disc to the entire dial. A 3D engraved silver moon will move with time on the dark blue dial, use mechanical logic to present a cosmic romantic timepiece. In order to prevent the moon phase dial from sliding when worn, the designer reset the anti-reverse structure to prevent it from rotating due to the huge inertia caused by the expansion of the moon phase dial. The astronomer series watch won the silver award of the 2020 London Design Award, the silver award of the Berlin Design Award in 2021 and the silver award of the 2021 Italian A’ Design Award. It is one of the masterpieces of AGELOCER’s combination of technology and art.

Ultimate craftsmanship: Tourbillon series

The tourbillon challenges classic and complex mechanical functions with superb technology. The tourbillon represents one of the highest levels of mechanical watch manufacturing technology. As an upgrade of the AGELOCER Tourbillon series, this rainbow circle tourbillon watch creates a combination of shining gems and ultimate craftsmanship, a combination of complex machinery and modern aesthetics. The watch is equipped with the CAL.A9001 flying tourbillon movement which is independently developed and designed by the brand. The colorful diamond ring is integrated into the double-sided transparent hollow design, eliminating unnecessary splint parts and leaving only the entire movement. Using top technology and modern design to interpret the classic tourbillon, it shows AGELOCER’s pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship and unique style exploration.

Tough Hollow: Schwarzwald Series

The AGELOCER Schwarzwald series watch outlines the mystery of the Black Forest with the interlaced hollow structure, and the dodecagonal stainless steel case shows a tough and resolute style. It is equipped with the CAL.A4910 automatic mechanical movement which is independently developed and designed by AGELOCER, and replaces the traditional unilateral bridge with a horizontal bridge to obtain a more stable structure. Through the 30mm panoramic back of the case, the rotating gears and the precise details are unobstructed, achieving a perfect balance between exquisite carving and mechanical operation.

Brand Honors

Since 2013, AGELOCER has always insisted that original design never stops. Creativity is the core of AGELOCER. It drives each iteration of AGELOCER innovation and update. Its Big Bang mechanical watch and astronomer series mechanical watch stand out from tens of thousands of entries from all over the world. It is the Silver Award of the London Design Award in 2020, the Silver Award of the Berlin Design Award in 2021 and the A’Design Award in Italy in 2021. It is recognized by the international design community.

AGELOCER has insisted on independent research and development and design of the movement since its establishment. With more and more styles of movement, it also represents that AGELOCER ‘s technology for controlling complex machinery is becoming more mature. Every AGELOCER movement needs hundreds of hours from conception to design to molding stage, condensing a lot of detailed analysis and meticulous processing by AGELOCER watch designers. Out of the ultimate pursuit of the quality of the movement, the designers of AGELOCER carry out excellent high-end watchmaking finishing on each movement, and the perfect combination of precision parts and machinery.

AGELOCER is focusing on the channels and media that young consumers contact, and dialogue with consumers through innovative marketing methods. Cooperate with elite factories around the world to continuously optimize the overall supply chain and improve product quality. Actively enter the European and American consumer markets, take the steps of internationalization, and promote China’s new generation of mechanical watches to the world. The pursuit of the highest quality, independent research and development of movement capabilities, and the brave and original design style have made AGELOCER a unique style among Chinese mechanical watches, creating a new generation of mechanical watch styles unique to AGELOCER.

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