Fonts Keyboard: An app to enjoy cool fonts without monthly subscriptions

October 25, 2021 – Sometimes, fonts speak louder than words, and font choice has a massive impact on readers’ perception of the message. Despite the fact that there are many beautiful fonts to choose from, they are not always free, and some also come with a monthly subscription. Fortunately, there’s an app that enables users to enhance their text with hundreds of cool fonts for free. 

Fonts Keyboard is an app that allows its users to get cool fonts on iPhone and iPad. The custom keyboard app empowers users to type out the content using stylish cool fonts directly from their phone keyboard. Fonts Keyboard simply helps users to turn their good content into great content. Most importantly, it allows users to choose the right font that reflects the tone of the content from over hundreds of free fonts. 

We all love to customize the interface to match our preferences and mood. Users can do the same with their keyboards using Fonts Keyboard. It simply changes the way the keyboard looks by providing various different keyboard themes, keyboard colors, and keyboard effects. The colorful font keyboard comes with many themes in different colors and backgrounds, such as Neon, Pastel, and Cute. Fonts Keyboard is designed to offer a perfectly delightful texting experience while using an iPhone or an iPad. 

Every day, billions of people and businesses are active on social media. It is not easy to come up with ways to cut through all the noise and impress the readers. But having cool fonts that empower your text to stand out can be helpful to grab the attention. Fonts Keyboard allows users to engage their readers on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, and other platforms with fancy cool fonts. 

Hai Nguyen Hoang, the Founder of the Font Keyboard Company Limited, is a computer science graduate with extensive experience of over ten years in IT. Hai thrives the most when it comes to developing innovative apps that solve real-world problems. “The best way to write a text message, tweet, or a bio is with cool fonts,” says Hai Nguyen Hoang. He realized that there is a massive demand for cool fonts, but most people hesitate to use them as they come with monthly subscription fees. Hai decided to develop Fonts Keyboard that offers the ability to text beautifully without buying any subscriptions. 

Fonts Keyboard has proved to be the number one font keyboard in many countries with millions of downloads.

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