Cloud Rush wishes a happy first birthday to Filecoin

Los Angeles, CA – October 26, 2021 – Cloud Rush Incorporated, a new Filecoin mining facilitator in Brea, California, is very pleased to acknowledge Filecoin Network’s completion of one year in business.

“Filecoin has had an amazing first year in business,” says Bruce Li, President of Cloud Rush Incorporated. “So far, Filecoin has created an immense amount of new network storage power and a large amount continues to be added daily. The network has over 3,300 storage providers, and new systems are joining the network daily.”

“Cloud Rush is very proud to provide 16T to 1P Filecoin mining platform plans to those who want to join the Filecoin Network,” Mr. Li continues. “All of us at Cloud Rush are looking forward to the exciting things that will be happening in year two and beyond in the Filecoin Network.”

“Cloud Rush could have mined for any digital currency, but we chose Filecoin because we believe in their business model,” says Millie Mi, Cloud Rush Vice President of Operations. “After much research, Cloud Rush decided that we wanted our mining resources to go towards the creation of a decentralized data storage network of the size and scope that Filecoin has been working towards since day one.”

“Another reason Cloud Rush continues to mine for Filecoin is that we can offer our miners extremely energy-efficient mining equipment, Ms. Mi says. “Filecoin miners use normal computer hard-drive storage which requires 60 – 70% less electricity than standard mining equipment.”

“Cloud Rush is especially proud of the stand Filecoin is taking regarding censorship,” says Mr. Li. “Due to significant censorship issues, the dream of everyone having access to an open and free internet has been lost. Now that Filecoin has created a growing decentralized storage network for users around the world, the dream of an ‘all-access’ internet is again possible.”

About Cloud Rush:

A recent startup, Cloud Rush has obtained a solid investment from Singapore’s CR Capital Foundation and other investors. Cloud Rush is headquartered in Southern California and has a technical department in Shanghai and operation centers in Singapore and Hong Kong. Cloud Rush is poised for significant growth in the growing digital currency market.

Cloud Rush has Filecoin mining platforms that work for people just getting into digital currency as well as those who are experienced miners. The company uses only high-end mining equipment suppliers such as Supermicro and ASUS. Our mining equipment exceeds the standards recommended by Filecoin.

For more information on Cloud Rush, please contact Bill Cavaness, Content Manager at Cloud Rush, at [email protected], or call 626-779-2286.

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