About Courage Helps Female Professionals Elevate Their Health & Thrive

Break free from anxiety, stress, sleep issues, exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, and digestive complaints.

Women continue to take on demanding professional roles while also juggling other roles including mother, partner, daughter, friend. But the consequence of attending to all these responsibilities can be that they feel constantly exhausted and stressed, often the early signs of burnout. Not only does their physical, emotional, and mental health suffer but their relationships with their loved ones can also become strained.

About Courage addresses this fallout.

About Courage is all about empowering professional women to transform their health and avoid burnout without sacrificing their successful career or their relationships, and by reconnecting them to their best self. The goal is for busy professional women to wake up feeling stress-free, with energy and clarity, and connected with a greater sense of purpose and vitality.

Founded by health coach Luke Rossmanith, About Courage implements a whole mind-body approach to health. Calling on the latest research and long-proven strategies, and providing mindset coaching together with exceptional support, About Courage helps women break free from anxiety, stress, sleep issues, exhaustion, hormone imbalances, and digestive complaints. These are what Luke calls ‘The Big Six’.

Luke has more than 16 years of experience in addressing The Big Six, and has transformed the lives of many clients, in particular female professionals.

Understanding the deep, inseparable connection between the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of human life, he has developed a structured, systematic, and holistic approach for women to establish a powerful foundation of physical, mental, and emotional health.

“Of course, there are external factors related to burnout – company culture, extreme workloads, and poor management. But if you really want to resolve burnout and all its health, relationship, and performance consequences – it’s about building an incredible foundation of energy, resilience, and strong, healthy boundaries,” says Luke.

At About Courage, women can reconnect with their best selves by encouraging them to prioritize their health, increase their confidence, and eventually change their lives. Through working with About Courage, becoming completely stress-free is made possible.

Break free from health struggles and join the many women who have chosen to elevate their health with About Courage.

For more information about About Courage, visit their website at https://www.aboutcourage.com/.

About About Courage

About Courage helps busy professional women break free from a family of health issues – anxiety, stress, sleep issues, exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, and digestive complaints, that can lead to burnout. They are passionate about helping women thrive by elevating their health, boosting their energy levels, becoming stress-free, and reclaiming their life.

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