ZHIYUN Sponsors Documentary Series “Abilities, Life of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities in Ghana”

Every creative passion and inspiring story can be enhanced with technological innovations

Shenzhen, China – October 26, 2021 – ZHIYUN, the world’s leading professional gimbal brand for filmmakers with cameras and smartphones, has proudly sponsored a documentary film by Martinson Assafuah-Chemeland, Founder and Creative Director of Stylus Hub. In his year-long documentary, Martinson recorded stories about persons with disabilities in Ghana who are also proactive entrepreneurs. The film, “Abilities, Life of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities in Ghana”, is available to watch on YouTube, and has been aired on Ghana Television (GTV) the national public broadcaster, with reruns being shown until April 2022.

The documentary has also been referred to the Together! 2021 Disability Film Festival.

Watch Abilities, Life of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities in Ghana:

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/lRgGmugnrwA

The film’s director, Martinson, explains, “As an entrepreneur and a person with disability, telling this story was dear to my heart. So, I hope this film inspires, changes mindsets and encourages others with similar challenges…”

“…this documentary film was initially meant to tell my story as a young entrepreneur with disability in Ghana. But soon, I realized there were probably more like myself (persons with disabilities) who are going against all the odds society throws at them, and despite their challenges, are contributing to the economic growth of the country.”

Of all the potential sponsors Martinson contacted, only ZHIYUN replied to his calls for assistance on this exciting project. Martinson learned about ZHIYUN through YouTube and it was the only company to contact him because ZHIYUN believes every creative passion can be enhanced with technological innovations. It deeply values how its products can be used to create inspiring stories such as this. It’s corporate philosophy echo’s the theme of enablement in the documentary, as ZHIYUN produces a diverse product range for global filmmakers, enabling creativity in filmmaking using anything from smartphone to professional equipment.

Following the positive reception of his series, and frequently requested by his audience that he continues exploring stories of entrepreneurs with disabilities in Ghana, Martinson has received a commission for a second series that has already begun filming. ZHIYUN extends its congratulations to the filmmaker on his continued success.

ZHIYUN has proudly sponsored a WEEBILL-S, which has assisted the director in creating this documentary. The WEEBILL-S is a lightweight gimbal system that can easily handle a wide range of cameras and lenses. 

Learn More about the WEEBILL-S: https://www.ZHIYUN-tech.com/en/product/detail/70


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