China KER smart medical self-service terminal

Self-service queuing sign-in department window triage system screen

Self-service check-in machine It is a smart medical equipment machine that integrates the functions of calling number, ticket collection, and query, and supports patients to wait in line for self-service appointment, registration, and ticket collection. It can be placed in the waiting hall of the hospital for patients to make appointments for a self-service appointments, self-service ticket collection and queuing for medical treatment, self-checking the latest information in the queue, and comprehensively improve patients’ satisfaction with the hospital and the hospital’s social image and grade; effectively improve the overall service quality of the hospital. And make full use of the openness and interactivity of the hospital information platform to improve the order of patients in the business process and shorten the waiting time for patients in the hospital. The smart medical triage queuing and calling solution is the hospital’s patient-centered design concept, creating a hospital service system that the people are satisfied with, broadcasting with high-definition digital signals, and effectively covering the hospital lobby, inpatient department, waiting area, treatment area, Drugstores, elevator rooms, corridors and other crowded places. It is the key for the hospital to do a good job in public utilities, improve management and enhance its own image. The first-level triage comprehensive screen and the second-level triage display screen are launched to standardize the medical treatment process, create a comfortable and convenient medical environment for patients, and enable doctors to focus more on medical treatment. At the same time, a relaxed and pleasant medical environment is created, which relieves the pressure of medical staff.

Hospital self-service terminal

The self-service terminals were officially launched and placed in the emergency department, general outpatient department, and outpatient halls of various departments. Patients can register, create files, pay fees, purchase medical records, and obtain electronic health codes on the multi-function self-service kiosk by using social security cards, ID cards or inputting card numbers by hand; printing inspection reports, electronic invoices, outpatient clinic lists, etc., multi-function self-service The machine supports multiple payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, social security cards, UnionPay cards, and electronic medical insurance certificates. The self-service machine can effectively divert the people queuing up for manual registration and payment windows, and shorten the waiting time for patients to queue up for registration and payment. The 24-hour comprehensive self-service kiosk not only facilitates the doctor-patient medical treatment process, but also optimizes the medical treatment process, which has changed the situation of multiple departments running at two ends in the past. Digital reform is a process of continuous development. Through all-round and multi-departmental data sharing, hospital services can break through the limitations of time and space, make it more convenient for hospitals and the public to do things, and comprehensively improve hospital service efficiency.

Hospital self-service receipt printer

The self-service receipt printer is easy to use. people can print people own inspection report at any time by inserting the medical card into the machine. It is as convenient as withdrawing money from an ATM (self-service teller machine). The patient can take the receipt by himself, no more Wait until the doctor goes to work to get the test report, which can save patients waiting time for treatment. Since the inspection report can only be picked up with a medical card, people inspection report will not be viewed at will, so it is well protected. At the same time, taking into account the difficulties in self-service order collection, operational errors, machine failures, and other problems, some hospitals also retain the manual order collection method, so as to improve security services more securely.

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