Establish BBEF Foundation, BtLux’s capital empower entity

BtLux, the world’s first physical digital economy token exchange, announced its entry into the capital circuit.

Co-founded Blockchain Business Eco Foundation (short for BBEF) with the world’s first commercial public chain SEA that glues customers through the real economy. It is committed to investing in early projects such as new blockchains, encryption protocols and cryptocurrency companies, and creating smart financial eco system of distributed digital industry, and deploying urban smart ecology, enterprise blockchain revolution, DeFi, DEX, NFT and others around the world. The scale of managed funds has exceeded $100 million.

In the post-COVID era, digital currency has attracted more and more attention from international investment institutions, large custodian banks, and asset management giants. The super-sovereign digital currency market is regarded as a new safe-haven option. MasterCard, New York Mellon, and Tesla joined the game one after another. With the growth of the world economy and the deepening of the concept of digital power economy, digital finance led by blockchain is ushering in huge circulation potential, bringing huge and continuous benefits to its holders.

The establishment of the BBEF Foundation will press the “accelerator button” for BtLux Exchange to promote the digital transformation of the physical industry, and assist BtLux to provide financial support, asset management, capital market consulting and liquid capital for high-quality physical industries. BBEF will be focusing on the digital asset management, and actively invest and deploy strategically the upstream and downstream industrial resources to help blockchain technology transform traditional business models.

The digital economy is the only way to adapt to the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and it is also a new kinetic energy and new engine to promote the high-quality development of the real economy. As the trust mechanism of the digital economy, blockchain technology has become an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. With the current accelerated construction of a new international dual-cycle development pattern, the new blockchain infrastructure to empower the real economy is facing a problem of rapid development. The entry of BBEF Capital brought a large amount of funds into BtLux, which injected a “strong shot” for its development, quickly promoted the industrial integration of entities and blockchain, reshaped the corporate ecology with digital technology, and actively laid out the global business landscape. Both are attracting users from all over the world to participate, allowing more companies to share the dividends of the blockchain era.

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