Meet Md Tanvir Rahaman: World’s Second Bangladeshi Appointed as a Director at Google

After a wide array of hard struggles, Tanvir finally met with success. Also known as the Mastermind, he was recently selected for the coveted position.

DHAKA, BANGLADESH – October 27th, 2021 – Md Tanvir Rahaman, a 32 years old Bangladeshi has become the second local in the entire world to be appointed as a Director for the tech giant Google. Tanvir will be officially stepping into the position within the first weeks of November. His new Director role involves multi-country international responsibilities both in Bangladesh and in the United States. His life story is imbued with overcoming difficulties and always arriving victorious at the finish line, and this new professional challenge proves it.


Coming from a family with a deep business background, Tanvir was expected to continue the family’s business, but that wasn’t his true passion.  Back then, almost 10 years ago, no one truly believed that someone could make a living out of programming. He even struggled to find decent coding books and a steady internet connection. Several years later he realized that those moments were the ones that ignited his passion for what he loves the most: Coding & Computer Science. Living such transformative experiences, also helped him to develop a steel solid mindset always aiming at pushing through while staying positive.

No matter what life threw at him, even in the darkest hours, he always managed to find a silver lining. This powerful skill set on top of top-tier programming and computer science abilities, applied to the corporate world as an executive, has transformed Tanvir into an ally every company wants to have.

“This new challenge also serves as a crowning to all the special people in my life that supported and believed in me for years. And most of all, to the Almighty, faith is essential when life hits you hard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have done it without all your blessings.” said Tanvir.

From his new important position, he will be seeking to position and benefit Bangladesh as the powerful city it is in the IT playfield. Being known by his colleagues as the Mastermind, this bright young executive has an only brighter future awaiting him at Google.

By relentlessly refusing to accept failure, he can now encourage others to “always chase their dreams, it’s entirely possible to reach them, and never quit.”

About Md Tanvir Rahaman

Mr. Rahaman is a 32 years old professional in the field of computer science. Born in Barisal, Bangladesh, he managed to prepare himself and succeed as a top-tier executive after facing a life full of struggles. He has been currently selected for a Director position at Google US and Google Bangladesh.

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