Alternative investment in Gemstone sculptures figurines, carvings made from precious gemstones and collected by Russian and British monarchs.

Finding Unique Investment Opportunities in “Gems and Carvings” collection.

One might wonder – what makes precious gemstone sculptures so valuable? What makes them such worthy investment pieces that Russian and British monarchs took the time to collect and curate them, forming some of the most grandiose and finest gemstone figurine collections in history? Even the prominent Queen Victoria was a huge fan of Russian jeweller Carl Faberge’s work, particularly his gemstone easter eggs and miniature animal figurines, which were all made from precious gemstones.

Minerals form under an enormous range of geologic conditions and requires million of years, chemical composition, heat, and pressure into play, for nature to create a single crystal this size. Not to mention the difficulties that go along with mining it. After nature’s beautiful creations, turning these gemstones crystals into beautiful, unique gemstone sculptures is not an easy task, even for the majority of gemstone carvers. Today, only a few gemstone carvers in the world are capable of creating gemstone sculptures, figurines and carvings with such detail, complexity, and appreciation of history. And through the “Gems and Carvings” gemstone collection, more people are starting to invest in the pure artistry that they have created – The Treasures of the World.

Gemstone figurines produced by only the best carvers in the world and kept in the world’s leading museums, including the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg, “Gems and Carvings” full collection is unlike any other collection seen before. Staying true as a representation of the Treasures of the World, these exquisite art pieces made from some of the rarest precious andsemiprecious gems and minerals are carved with so much precision and elegance that only the best of the best carvers in the word can pull off. Layering or embedding other colors, rare metals or gemstones is also utilized by artists to further enhance the effects of their gemstone sculpture.

The “Gems and Carvings” collection also includes commissioned gemstone carvings custom-made to the liking of discriminating art connoisseurs and collectors. Purchasing from the collection means owning a one-of-a-kind piece that can last forever. Future generations will not only witness its pure beauty, but they can also benefit from it for years as an alternative investment. They can even pass it on as a family heirloom for the next generations to enjoy.

Gold, stocks and shares value can fluctuate, gemstone carving value only rising. Each gemstone sculpture is unique. It is nature’s story of Time, spoken in Time! And will never be duplicated! As nature doesn’t create copies. This is the reason why Gemstone sculptures, figurines from “Gems and Carvings” collection is the perfect alternative investment today.

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Founded by multifaceted gemologist Jolanta Kershaw, “Gems and Carvings” offers luxury, made-to-order gemstone sculptures, from the world’s best artists. They specialize in unique mineral sculpture and provide investment advice in gemstone carvings.

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