Mono Software Releases Action Survival Game, Nearly Dead, Early Access on Steam

Kim Ji-won, CEO of Mono Software (hereafter Mono Soft) announced that the new game ‘Nearly Dead’ was released through Early Access on Steam on September 10th. ‘Nearly Dead’ is a 2D open-world survival genre game that has attracted much attention from global users for its unique zombie characters and game composition compared to cute 2D pixel graphics since early access was unveiled through Steam in September.

‘Nearly Dead’ is a two-dimensional game in which the players have to survive in a situation where humans have been transformed into zombies after being invaded by demons. The players have to survive the zombies in various ways. The players can enjoy the deep fun of survival games by fighting fierce survival battles with zombies with various appearances and characteristics, exploring a wide map with an open world, and creating their own space.

The background of ‘Nearly Dead’ is that genetic mutations were happened to occur easily through ‘a big event,’ and the players can enjoy the game with characters of various races as well as humanoid characters. In addition, the players can equip with the weapons and armor that they want and fight the zombies. There are various weapons to be used, including axes, bows, hammers, and guns, and the armor can be worn as many times as the player wants, which provides a great sense of freedom and unique fun that has never been seen in the existing survival game.

Zombies appearing in the game range from human-like zombies to strange-looking zombies with unprecedented forms. As players move around the vast map, they will face as few as one or as many as dozens of enemies. Players can experience the thrilling fun of the survival action genre, such as escaping from zombies using buildings scattered throughout the map or fighting by farming items.

Players can enjoy the deep fun of ‘Nearly Dead’ by using production, construction, farming, hunting, and training content. Mono Soft said that such a thing is just a sketch of a big picture. On top of that, it is now easy to expand content based on the workshop that will now be supported and modding tools produced by the production company, making it easy to add content continuously, and will also expand to genres such as multi-play or customizable automobile systems, survivor camp systems, and two-dimensional instance dungeons.

In particular, as Mono Soft is a team made up of modders from Cataclysm DDA, UnReal World, and Project Zomboid, Mono Soft also said that they would do their best to support modding.

If you are looking for a survival game with a unique concept, we recommend ‘Nearly Dead’, which offers a wealth of fun with a variety of content. ‘Nearly Dead’ is a 2D open-world survival genre game that can be enjoyed on PC. It is currently playable on Steam and will be available at a discounted price through the Steam Halloween Sale from October 28th, PST. More information can be found on the official Steam web page and Discord. (

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