ketteQ Provides the Key to Unlocking Supply Chain Success

The world’s only digital supply chain planning & automation platform built on Salesforce is here.

Atlanta, GA – October 28, 2021 – When it comes to making market-driven decisions quickly, nothing is a better partner than ketteQ’s revolutionary new supply chain platform. Built to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, ERP, WMS, TMS, and other functional-specific systems, this innovative problem-solver can help every level of supply chain management work together in real-time at any point of delivery.

Utilizing AI and machine learning, the ketteQ platform actively learns about your supply chain each step of the way, predicting issues that may arise and implementing countermeasures to avoid mishaps or delays. It’s like having a supercomputer with a god’s eye view helping you avoid problems and increase the speed of delivery.

As for keeping clients informed about shipments, ketteQ’s platform could not be more ideal. It meshes perfectly with Salesforce, the most widely used program in the industry. Your sales team will be able to provide up-to-the-minute details about their shipments to clients. This helps your sales team to retain clients and your sales managers to retain their teams.

As we all work harder to not only keep up with changes in global supply chain management but also to increase business in spite of it, ketteQ’s problem-solving platform is the tool that guarantees digital supply chain success. By integrating with your existing systems and providing a seamless transition for hard-working sales teams, this new platform promises to be the model for all in the future.

About ketteQ:

ketteQ is dedicated to building a new paradigm for Supply Chain planning and operations. Built by experts in supply chain operations, finance, sales, and marketing, no one understands the business challenges better. Built on Salesforce with strengths in security, scalability, and configurability, ketteQ offers supply chain organizations extended capabilities to fill in the gaps left by legacy systems:

For more information about KetteQ: Please contact ketteQ at 470.795.9689, [email protected], visit, or connect on LinkedIn.

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