Enjoy Smarter and Faster Publishing with FlipGuardian

Creating content to be consumed? FlipGuardian makes that happen – but better.

People now have the power to publish anywhere – on any website, blog, or ecommerce store. With FlipGuardian, content is presented in an interactive and engaging way, delivering a premium reader experience in any browser and on any device.

FlipGuardian brings authors, publishers, entrepreneurs and small business owners together in a revolutionary new way to publish, manage, and deliver their content.

According to Simon Hodgkinson of FlipGuardian, “FlipGuardian offers the fastest way to publish your research, reports, books, magazines, brochures, catalogues, newsletters and more and all in just a few clicks. Import a PDF, choose a campaign goal, quickly configure your settings and grab a link to your hosted flipbook page and go. Or embed the player directly in your website, blog, or LMS – no tech skills or support required – You’ll love it.”

Showcasing one’s content is the best way to truly leverage its value to acquire new leads and grow your audience. With engaging previous, it is able to convert more browsers into buyers – even increasing current cart conversions by up to 272%, thanks to a streamlined and directly integrated Stripe powered Pay Gate.

And the factor that makes FlipGuardian unique? Its platform has been envisioned and developed by a publishing team with the experience and know-how that’s likely unique in this field! FlipGuardian’s creators started selling ebooks and digital content 7 years before Amazon’s Kindle reader even hit the shelves. Bottomline is people have never seen anything else like it – and nothing else comes close!

FlipGuardian was built from the ground up to generate more leads, to smash sales records, and to deliver a new and engaging experience for readers. At present, customers can choose between four different campaign types: Ungated, Password Protected, Lead Gated, and Pay Gated.

Ungated presents ‘free to all’ content in a beautiful, engaging, and immersive flip book player, while Password Protected securely delivers documents, price-lists, proposals to clients, or exclusive bonus content to fans, followers, members, and subscribers. Lead Gated, on the other hand, builds a highly targeted and responsive email list with additional webinar, LMS, and CRM integrations. And finally, Pay Gated has a robust Stripe integration that provides a hassle-free experience for buyers without the need for expensive third-party shopping carts or storefronts. It also offers mobile readers integrated access to digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay and content preview.

During its Beta Phase on November 1, FlipGuardian will also include a Free Campaign Page Hosting, unlimited email subscribers/leads, and collect unlimited payments from all active campaigns. Customers can easily embed the FlipGuardian reader and collect leads/accept payments from any website or blog, while also hosting all campaign pages on their fast, secure servers at no extra cost for the lifetime of their account. That means anyone can publish instantly from anywhere – even without a website of their own.

More information about FlipGuardian can be found at https://flipguardian.com/.

About FlipGuardian

The PromoteLabs team is building FlipGuardian to be a game changer – providing an exciting journey to make accessing content easier, simpler, faster, and more convenient for one’s audience whilst adding in the security and flexibility needed to reach the top as a content publisher.

FlipGuardian can be used to publish articles, books, brochures, catalogues, company information, flyers, journals, magazines, manuals, maps, market research, menus, newsletters, reports, and more.

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