Master the Skill of Wealth Creation with Dr. Hermanie Pierre Unique “Make More Money in your Biz Challenge”

Master the Skill of Wealth Creation with Dr. Hermanie Pierre Unique "Make More Money in your Biz Challenge"
The business structure consultant is all set to help ambitious entrepreneurs excel in their business endeavors by offering a new approach to learning the strategic and foundational roots of wealth through a 5- day business learning challenge.

In today’s business world, having a good business idea is just the beginning. Business owners and entrepreneurs must understand how their industry functions and move to take advantage of business trends and opportunities. In addition, entrepreneurs need to know and implement strategies related to business credit, the concept of OPM, conducting an audit, or structuring a business to ensure success and make more money. Entrepreneurs can now learn all these essentials of a successful business from someone who knows exactly what it takes to succeed in cutthroat competition in the business world “Dr. Hermanie Pierre.”

Dr. Hermanie Pierre is a business consultant, specializing in assisting high-achieving entrepreneurs in making more in their businesses – through her webinars, e-books, consultation sessions, private events, and more. She helps them improve their business credit, strategize around contract negotiation, and structure their businesses to be as profitable as possible. Recently amongst the pandemic and to expand her reach, she is conducting online training, “Make More Money in your Biz Challenge,“for those interested in taking their businesses to the next level. The participants will learn about OPM to get funding, tips on building a dream team, the power of business credits, the fundamental of business contracts, creating strategic alliances, and a lot more financial wisdom.

The Haitian-American civil engineer and philanthropist have a multi-faceted career. Hermanie can be described as many things, but her passion is to help people by sharing her knowledge and insights with the masses. The “thought leader,” Hermanie, has made herself an expert in several areas, including business consulting, real estate investing, personal development, social media influencing, and public speaking. The former Miss Haiti International and Miss Congeniality was named Most Memorable Award-Winning Motivational Speaker. Her ability to connect with others on a personal level has earned her the trust of a diverse range of clients and numerous speaking engagements over the years. She was also selected as one of the Top 20 Most Influential Leaders by Arkansas Business.

Today, Hermanie is a real estate investor with a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio, but she has come a long way. She became a homeowner at the age of 20 and understood how difficult it was for most families to do the same. The situation inspired her to become a real estate investor and coach to help families gain access to homeownership. Hermanie’s story is the embodiment of the American dream: she is also the author of a book titled “How I Bought a $250,000 House While in College,” which details the techniques she used to accomplish that feat. Now she is back with this revolutionary 5-days learning challenge.

Get instant access to a universe of business-building resources with Dr. Hermanie Pierre’s “Make More Money in Your Biz Challenge”! With her step-by-step guidance, everyone can polish their entrepreneurial skills and acquire valuable knowledge that is universal enough for any industry.

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