Greenville SC Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Implements Real-Time Ultrasound Solutions

Greenville-based Body Works helps active women achieve relief from pelvic floor pain and incontinence. The therapies include clinical Pilates, strength and conditioning, and personalized exercise programs.

Body Works Women’s Health & Wellness and Dr. Ashlee De Nooy are pleased to announce that the Greenville SC pelvic floor physical therapy center now offers real-time ultrasound therapy. For active women, pain and incontinence can interfere with the enjoyment of total body health and wellness. Using real-time ultrasound under the direction of a skilled physical therapist provides visual support while training targeted muscles. The reinforcement of seeing contracting and relaxing muscles on the ultrasound screens lets patients know that they are performing correctly.

Targeted physical therapy can retrain key muscles that control continence, sexual function, spine stability, pain prevention, and daily function. Body Works addresses enhanced mind-body connections to speed the progress toward better health. Patients gain confidence and assurance that they are doing the right movements to progress toward their ultimate lifestyle goals. Understanding exactly how the movements are to be done makes progress to the ultimate goal easier.

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The clinic uses a three-stage plan for therapeutic sessions. The physical therapist assesses the cause of symptoms through a comprehensive history, thorough physical examination, and assessment of movement, as well as special tests. The therapeutic control of symptoms is achieved through lifestyle modifications, education, and retraining of muscles. This phase of the therapy includes specialized interventions such as dry needling, manual therapy, and real-time ultrasound. Step 3 of the process is to optimize lifestyle and health goals.

Body Works therapists address pelvic floor issues, including pelvic pain, low hip and back pain, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pain with sexual activity, and diastasis rectus abdominis. Symptoms may be associated with pregnancy and postpartum as well as ortho and sports injuries and overuse. Clinical Pilates sessions help to make improve posture, muscle strength, core, and pelvic floor strengthening, flexibility, control and balance, flexibility, and mobility.

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Body Works Women’s Health & Wellness works with women’s issues linked to pelvic floor health. Therapy and training are focused on learning the causes of symptoms and customizing therapy to address the problem. The professional team is skilled in providing real solutions to pain and incontinence. 

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