GAKA GOOD Releases The Ultimate Gift Guide: Gift Idea for 2022

GAKA GOOD is a company that focuses on test products. Following Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, New Year coming, the need to send gifts is up. Finally, the 2022 gift list is out!



Struggling to find the perfect holiday gift for everyone this year? No matter what budget, a treasure can be found after reading this article. As a senior product tester and researching the experience of thousands of buyers, the following special products were chosen for the best gift list. When these products are given as gifts, be trusted,  not only love but also tasteful compliments will be following.

1. KROSA 3M Thinsulate Ski Gloves

It is definitely the best gift for friends who love skiing, then this 5-layer winter glove with 3M Thinsulate Fabric. While playing the basic functions of strong warmth, a ten-finger touch screen, sweat-proof and waterproof, the design of the anti-lost button keeps people who are easy to lose things away from the embarrassment of “only one glove is left”.

2. KROSA Heated Gloves

For people who love mountain climbing, cycling, and other outdoor sports but are afraid of the cold, these heated gloves are the ones can’t miss. With all-around heating of the back of the fingers and hands, these gloves can handle most of the days outdoors even on the coldest days. The 3000mAh batteries enable the gloves to last 8 hours at the lowest heating level and 3 hours at the highest level. It’s also suitable for people who don’t like trouble because of its simple one-button design.

3. FAYLOCH Cordless Electric Hand Massager

The FAYLOCH hand massager is like the personal masseuse that gives hands a professional massage at the end of a long day. It combines air compression, acupressure, and heat therapy to offer a comprehensive massage therapy experience at the home, office, or anywhere on the go.It customizes with the 3 massage programs along with 3 intensity levels for a fit variety of people. It promotes blood circulation and covers the area from the wrist to the palm and the fingers. The relaxing heat therapy the hands warm and moist, preventing dryness. It eases finger stress, sore muscles, knots, and restores warmth to cold fingers. Features a reduction valve, it can be adjusted the device if the compression is too intense.This hand massager is wireless and rechargeable. Hence, it is ideal to use anywhere and is perfect for gifting purposes. The brand also offers a full refund on return.

4. Cunmiso Life Eye Massager

Dealing with eyes is very crucial. In contrast to different organs, an eye transplant is not available everywhere or quite costly to do such an operation. The next time to some relaxation, don’t leave the eyes out of the pampering plans.  Undoubtedly Yes !!! It is worth using an electronic eye massager to keep healthy eyes. Cunmiso Life Eye Massager is the go-to product. It massages CuanZhu, SiZhuKong, Temple, ChengQi, and JingMing acupoints and uses air pressure, vibration, and heat compression massaging technology, which soothes eye strain, under-eye puffiness, and dry eyes. The four therapy modes include compression, vibration, and heating. Each mode stays for 15 minutes and gets turned off automatically. It has a built-in music player with pre-recorded nature sounds or connects Bluetooth to play. The best thing about this product is that it is 180º foldable! It also comes with a storage and carrying case. With the value they bring, they can be a very worthwhile investment and a great gift.

5. Cunmiso Life Foot Massager

For those who have severe foot pain after a long day of work, one of the most relaxing things is getting a thorough foot massage. No need for a luxury foot spa, this foot massager makes it at home to give the much-needed relief by its all-around massage from toes to the heel. Two-level settings(Level 1:104°F~113°F, Level 2:114°F~122°F) offer more choices for the desired warmth which will do help boost the body circulation and reduce tensions in the muscles.

6. Balhvit Leg Massager for Circulation with Heat

Looking for an ideal gift for a loved one suffering from any leg-related muscular soreness, Balhvit leg massager is the best option! Unlike traditional massagers, this air compression leg massager combined with HEATING FUNCTION for massaging, which offers 3 heating modes, 3 massage modes (Pressing/Kneading/Shiatsu), and 3 intensity levels. This is as close as getting to the feeling of being massaged by a top-tier masseuse without ever leaving the comfort of home! Thanks to the velcro adjustable wraps, won’t worry about the size!

7. Balhvit Life Leg Massager

Always forget that tootsies deserve the same love and attention that the rest of your body gets, but think about it: Does anything feel better than a foot massage? Short answer: Nope! Reward feet after a tiring day with a soothing foot massage. Relax The Leg massagers improve circulation in the lower extremities and prevent getting ankle and foot injuries. In addition to providing health benefits, massage tools for feet can also relieve joint pain and relax feet and legs on a consistent basis. Balhvit Life Leg Massager envelopes completely the legs, feet, and ankle area in a boot style that fits both your feet, using advanced technology to give kneaded air massage and heated deep tissue therapy. Owing to 3 intensities, 3 modes (Shiatua/Kneading/Press), the therapy sessions can be adjusted according to different needs. 3 heat levels(104±41° F,113±41° F,122±41° F) make you keet toasty warm in chilly winter.  Owing to LCD Handheld Controller it can also easily see the massage modes, intensities, and heat levels. 20-minute auto shut-off provides a safe experience by preventing overheating. With 2 EXTRA Extensions included, the maximum circumference finally is up to 29 inches fit different sizes of legs via adjustable velcro. Compared to a lot of combination foot and leg massagers — especially those made of hard plastic — the Balhvit Life is very compact. It comes with its own carrying case so it can be easily stashed in the linen closet. It’s a trusted, top-notch pick for gifts. Bottom line: Buy this now, thanks later. Won’t be regret!

8. Reehm Metal Detectors

When it comes to adventure, metal detectors are an absolute must. With IP68 waterproof, clear, and accurate display reading, Nine types of target, four modes design(all metal, digital display recognition, selective recognition, PP recognition). Friends who love exploration praised it as “given these features and price this was a good entry-level metal detector for what most people needed”.

9. KROSA Electric Hand Warmer

No one likes being cold, especially when the thickest mittens fail to keep your hands warm.

From this moment on, no longer have to complain about “Today’s weather is really cold and my fingers are stiff” with this hand warmer in your hands. It will warm up numb fingers of both hands simultaneously in just 3s from the 95°F to 131°F. The 6000mAh battery makes it possible for you to use it for 5-10 hours outdoor. The biggest feature of the hand warmer is its LFP battery which is the safest Li-ion battery so far and widely used by Tesla electric cars. This battery has better thermal & chemical stability, less capacity loss, and a longer lifespan.

Make it as a gift, there are 5 colors to choose and each pack comes with a greeting card that can pass on words as well as warmth.

10. Balhvit Life Heated Socks – Lightweight Warmth

Certified with FCC, CE, RoHS, and UL, these unisex heated socks have 3 different heat levels(100°F-115°F-131°F), while battery power lasts up to ten hours on the lowest setting. The battery is placed in a convenient place for ski boots. Advanced ultra-fine fibers on the heating panels and a slim lightweight battery won’t interfere with walking, hiking, or skiing. The fleece material provides breathability and sweat absorption as well as warmth. They are machine washable. Far infrared heating is good for stimulating blood circulation and battling arthritis and stiff joints.

11. Cunmiso Life Neck Massager

This shoulder neck messager is particularly suitable for the text neck causing neck pain poor posture and fatigue. Applied with 115 Fahrenheit constant-temperature and warm compress technique, the neck relax massager utilized 4 adjustable modes and 8 massage rollers work both clockwise and counter-clockwise, imitating human finger massage motion such as pull, roll, knead. It not just relaxes the stressed muscle tissues but regulates the blood circulation as well. The cordless neck massager head is made of high-quality Lycra fabric, fine and smooth with good elasticity. The best gift for family and friends.

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