New children’s book ‘Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo’ with messages on inclusivity and friendship raising storm over Amazon

“Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo” imparts the message of inclusivity, love, and friendship through the story of a cute rhino.

Tampa, Florida – November 01, 2021 – Parents looking for holiday book gift ideas for kids need not look further. A new children’s book, “Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo”, is making big waves online with its heartwarming messages of inclusivity, mental positivity, friendship, and love. Packed with colorful illustrations, the book is written by Amanda Young who had co-authored the literary piece with Melody Pendelbury.

“Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo” is published by The Publishing Room. The illustrations are done by master illustrator Fer Peralta. The book is currently available in Kindle and paperback versions and the hardcover version will be available soon.  

This colorful story was inspired by a little rhino that Amanda had the pleasure of working with  as an Animal Trainer (as seen on Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa Season 2 – NatGeo WILD). The book revolves round Jumo, a cute little rhino who stays in a zoo with his other animal friends. He leads a happy life until one day when he realizes that probably something seems amiss in his life and it’s from that point the story takes the major turn. 

Another important character of the story is the quirky zookeeper with pink hair who has the super power to speak to animals.  

In an exclusive interview, Amanda shared that she wanted  to combine all her passions into a magical story with the result and is proud of the way it has turned out to be.  

“We are excited to bring to you our first book, ‘Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo’. Our mission was to create something that will inspire positive values in kids and we are glad the way our work has been appreciated since the initial launch of the book”, stated Amanda. 

“With cute animal characters like a little rhino with a developing identity crisis and a pink haired zookeeper who has the ability to talk to animals, our characters spread the messages of inclusivity, friendship and love across the whole magical zoo. The book also teaches the readers to respect their true self, even if they are little different from others in the mainstream world. We believe our story will inspire positive values in our little readers and help them to grow up into sensible, warm, and empathetic human beings. And, we also hope our book will make its way to the grand holiday book list you are making for your kids this holiday season.” 

Speaking on, Amanda said that they have plans to release a series of books where each book will center around a new animal and convey a positive message. “Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo” is the first book of the series. 

Amanda started her career with SeaWorld Orlando where she got this amazing opportunity to work with killer whales. Unfortunately, she was laid off in 2019 but she didn’t let that setback bog her down. Rather, she believes it offered her a great window to explore her other dreams and passions. Today, Amanda spearheads a  created a mental health & inclusivity centered brand, hosts a successful podcast and has also debuted into the realm of authorship.  

Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo has already garnered a big bunch of rave reviews from happy parents. 

What a gift to read a book that brings out such beautiful color, a story of connection and starts important conversations about community and caring for each other. My 2 year old loved the animals & rainbow colors while my 4 year old felt some pretty deep emotions and connection to what was happening which gave us the chance to talk through some big things.” – Emma C. 

“As children strive to understand who they are and where they fit in with people around them, Jumo serves as a character young readers can relate to. Through self discovery and the supporting guidance of his zoo keeper friend, Manda, Jumo learns to value his true self, and his friends learn to appreciate him for who he is, not for who they expect him to be.” – Laura Y 

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