Nobility, The eSports Token that Pioneered Rewarding Holders in BUSD

Nobility ($NBL) is a pioneering token that started the trend of providing reflections to its holders in Binance Pegged USD (BUSD). This allows users not only a straightforward way to earn passive income by providing a 7 percent reward for each transfer on the network, but also the ability to use those rewards to diversify their portfolios without effecting the token’s ecosystem. Nobility aims to solve the problems involving the current limitations of the esports gaming industry with its unique smart contract capabilities, offering the industry a fairer, more balanced, and sustainable revenue system for all market participants. Sighting in the global gaming industry, a multi-billion-dollar revenue stream, the Nobility token will be offered as a scalable solution to be adopted globally.

The Nobility team consists of serial entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and a team of blockchain wizards. The team is fully transparent, and ‘doxxed’, meaning their identities are public. They host weekly Ask Me Anything’s on each week and actively engage with the community via the social media platforms.

Key Features of Nobility:

eSports tournaments: Nobility’s smart contracts allow for 2% of all transfers to be added into the use wallet, which is used for, including, but not limited to, Esports tournament prize pools, business development, charity donations, scholarship funding, manual burns, and community events. The team has already hosted 3 tournaments with a prize pool amounting $85,000 collectively and a roster of big names such as Max Holloway the UFC Featherweight Champion, Temperrr from FaZe Clan, and Chase Claypool, a wide receiver from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFT Marketplace: The Nobility team aims to create the world’s largest NFT platform specific for eSports. The platform will have Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon support and will use Nobility Token as the primary payment method.

PvP Platform: Nobility is also developing a PvP platform where people can compete against each-other in video games for real world rewards and prizes.

eSports Betting Platform: Another amazing feature that will be part of the Nobility ecosystem is their eSports betting platform, which will allow you to use crypto to bet on the hottest games in eSports such as CSGO, League of Legends, Valorant, Rocket League, and more!

Play-To-Earn: In addition to the other roadmap items that aim to make Nobility more adoptable, the team will also be creating their own play-to-earn games. The games will be used to provide utility and volume for the token.


NobleGG – A premier esports organization in North America. It fields top-tier teams across the globe and has brought home dozens of championships spanning across multiple titles. Also boasting one of the largest stream teams in the world, Noble has a vast reach across the esports industry.

WifiMoney – One of the largest E-commerce development companies, specializing in Digital Marketing, Brand Development, Content Creation, and technology development.

David Chen – David sits on several boards including Faze Clan, the largest esports team, MiCamp Solutions, Commloan a commercial lending firm that has done over $1 billion in commercial loans, Tengri Holdings a $4 billion mining company, and Sharebert a Fortune’s Top 20 Techs that will change business and has helped them develop business strategies.

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