Soligent’s Partnership with Clean Energy Credit Union Brings Low-Cost Financing to Residential Solar

Soligent Distribution LLC, one of the largest solar and storage distributors in the Americas, has formed a partnership with Clean Energy Credit Union, an innovative, mission driven, credit union providing solar and storage financing. Through the alliance, Soligent’s network of 1,000s of Dealers will gain access to Clean Energy Credit Union’s low-cost financing with zero dealer fees.

Soligent, through its Solar Engine platform, provides its dealers with homeowner financing solutions for solar and storage to help more people to go solar. Clean Energy Credit Union is focused on creating a world where everyone can participate in the clean energy movement. Soligent’s new partnership provides an innovative solution called Direct Pay. This unique feature allows contractors to get credit lines for growth, and pay for materials, from loan disbursements while preserving cash flow. 

“Clean Energy Credit Union aims to offer the best and lowest cost financing for solar and storage in the U.S., and we’re excited to partner with Soligent to offer Direct Pay loans to help improve cash flow for Soligent’s dealers and to provide market-leading financing solutions for their customers”, says Blake Jones, Board Chair at Clean Energy Credit Union.

Soligent brings solar specialist, financing, equipment, and a multitude of services to help scale residential and commercial solar and storage installers across the Americas. 

“It’s exciting to see the adoption of solar energy across the country, it’s happening so quickly in part because of how much capital is getting behind the technology. Seeing the growth that Clean Energy Credit Union has experienced over the last few years tells us there are more contractors looking to add financing to their sales pitch,” says Steve Ragsdale Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Soligent.

About Soligent Distribution

Since 1979, Soligent has been a pioneer in the solar industry and continues to do so. The company, along with its partners and subsidiaries, has successfully driven the solar market forward with innovative solutions, ranging from materials management to project financing. Headquartered in Northern California, the company offers cutting-edge training, residential and commercial project financing, with multi-site supply centers in multiple states, such as New Jersey, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, and California.

About Clean Energy Credit Union

Clean Energy Credit Union is a not-for-profit, financial services cooperative that focuses exclusively on providing loans for clean energy and energy-saving projects such as solar electric systems, geothermal heat pump systems, electric vehicles and green home improvements. Clean Energy Credit Union is an online-only and federally chartered credit union that serves its members throughout the USA.

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