Creative Biolabs’ Overall Solution for the Preclinical Discovery of Multitype Vaccines

Creative Biolabs has been serving industrial clients with its profound experience and high-end technology platforms, especially those working on pre-clinical projects regarding vaccine design, development, and evaluation.

New York, USA – November 2, 2021 – With skillful scientists holding expertise in classical and the latest genetic engineering technologies, Creative Biolabs, as a conscientious CRO, provides comprehensive solutions to the vaccine developers and research institutes to help produce highly immunogenic and safe vaccine candidates that will be thoroughly evaluated for later uses such as clinical tests.

mRNA vaccines are at the forefront of precision medicine development due to their high potency, the potential for fast production, low-cost manufacture, and relatively safe administration. Creative Biolabs supports the design, production, and overall assessment of traditional mRNA-based vaccine (non-replicating mRNA vaccine) and self-amplifying mRNA vaccine, to fulfill varied research objectives. With the help of the pharmacology optimization platform, mRNA translation, stability, immunogenicity, and delivery can be modified to meet clients’ requirements.

Viral vector vaccines hold prime advantages over conventional vaccines because of their ability to elevate immunogenicity without the need for an adjuvant to ignite strong cytotoxic T lymphocyte response. Creative Biolabs, taking advantage of years of practical experience, can help design and develop vaccines with commonly used vectors such as vaccinia virus and adenovirus, and also explore the use of other potential viruses such as lentivirus and Sendai virus as vectors.

“Our services cover almost the mainstream of vaccines on the market,” according to a scientist, “like subunit vaccine, hapten conjugate vaccine, and cell based vaccine.”

Vaccine formulation development has always been popular among clients as Creative Biolabs can help optimize the formulation, delivery system, and adjuvant using high-end platforms that are embedded with sophisticated technologies.

* Stable liquid formulation, lyophilized formulation

* PRR ligands scanning, adjuvant synthesis, in-stock adjuvant products

* Nanoparticle, liposome, immune-stimulating complexes, emulsion, and microspheres

“We have systematic tests to evaluate a vaccine candidate, on its identity, purity, potency, stability, and other crucial factors.”

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About Creative Biolabs

Scientists that are dedicated to the development of vaccines and other immunotherapies started Creative Biolabs, which plans to construct a custom-service-centered business model to streamline the vaccine development process, make use of readily available resources, and assemble a workforce with diverse experience to work on vaccine development projects. Creative Biolabs’ dedication to this long-term aim drives the scientists to provide clients with the greatest quality results and to speed up with technological advancements.

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