Streetwear Brand Bad Product is Making a Name by Going Against the Grain

This growing fashion brand is looking to expand and gain traction in the fashion industry by interconnecting fashion as a lifestyle.

They say clothes can tell a lot about a person. And while someone’s fashion choices significantly contribute to their overall appearance, the truth is, fashion says so much more about who a person is. For many, it is a form of self-expression – a reflection of their character, an extension of the self, or a way to reinvent.

More than just a clothing brand or a lifestyle, Bad Product is all about the person wearing it – both internal and external. And despite one’s differences in style and personality, fashion is also capable of uniting people.

Whether it is the baddest girl on the block or the most dope superstar on the big screen, Bad Product removes basic judgment, grudges, feelings, religion, or anything and sets aside the everyday characteristics and interests that diversify people – merging into one collective, one community, and one kinship.

“It’s a small world. We’re bringing that world together one crucial step at a time, bringing creatives together of all different walks of life and orientation. We are all born with a gift, and it’s up to us to decide what we invest our time and energy into. Find that gift and feed it. Don’t be afraid to be bold, adventurous, and different, and go “Against the Grain.,” says the team behind Bad Product.

Established in 2017, Bad Product’s mission is to create clothing that inspires people to pursue their dreams and aspirations, take control of their lives, and set the bar for fashion – appreciating their own uniqueness and straying away from the norm. It is about embracing the unknown, understanding the risks that come with growth, and having the courage to go out of one’s comfort zones. And more importantly, it is a brand that encourages freedom, open-mindedness, and being different – all while constantly finding ways to form bonds and connections like no other.

Bad Product offers a variety of streetwear clothing that is bold, adventurous, and different. From cool hoodies and beanies to tees, hats, and even activewear – Bad Product has it all. Currently, customers can purchase their favorite items from its three collections: Bad Barbell Collection, Original Scripture, and Summer Tee Collection.

And soon, Bad Product will be launching its new Fall Collection, which features embroidered hoodies and beanies that are inspired by the beautiful colors of the fall season. Each hoodie can be purchased at only $34.99, while the beanie retails for $14.99 per piece.For more information about Bad Product and its latest drops, follow their Facebook and Instagram pages or simply visit their website at

About Bad Product

Bad Product is a clothing brand that isn’t afraid to be bold, adventurous, and different through streetwear apparel that allows individuals to go against the grain.

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