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Short Description:


Model: MC-MA01

Brand Name: MEICET

Features: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment

Advantage:Eyelid Lift, wrinkle freckle spot removal

OEM/ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense

Suitable For: Beauty Salon, Hospitals, Skin Care Centers, SPA etc.


· 9 Function Handles

· 10.2 Inches Touch Screen

· 3 Languages – English, Korea, Chinese

· Needle Free

· High Security

· Precise Control

Backin 9 in 1 Multifunction Beauty Device

The Backin is a professional and comprehensive skin management device. It combines a variety of functional components and can be used for a variety of skin management projects. The main functions of the device include facial cleansing and moisturizing, assisting product introduction, improving absorption of serum, and enhancing skin metabolism, etc.

Setting Interface

Language, luminance, volume can be adjusted at setting interface.

3 Language for your reference

English Korean and Chinese

9 Handles —10 Functions

Each function handle corresponds to a operation page on the machine. The energy level, time, and mode can be set directly in the operation interface.


Using the principle of high-frequency vibration, the water is atomized while taking away the dirt in the skin, so as to achieve cleansing effect.


Using the physical cold/heat function on the skin can help to promote blood circulation, increase metabolism and improve absorb effectiveness.


The “Ion Clip” mainly acts on the eyes and other tiny areas. Use micro-current to stimulate the skin; assist the infusion of whitening skin care products, and make the absorption more quickly.


The “Ion Roller” acts on the facial area. Use micro-current to stimulate the skin; assist the infusion of whitening skin care products, and make the absorption more quickly.


When operate ion clip, ion roller, you need to connect the red wire to the ion handle, and the black wire to this negative stick, and the negative stick should be held by the customer.


Using the principle of radio frequency to heat the eye or facial tissues on fixed layer, then subcutaneous collagen can be contracted and tightened, so as to achieve the effect of relieving wrinkles.


Use pressure to spray the atomized fine water molecules or nutrients evenly on the operating part, making it easier for the skin to replenish moisture or absorb nutrients.


Using the principle of high-frequency vibration, the nutrient components with larger molecules can be miniaturized, so the penetration force and absorption effectiveness can be improved. This function mainly acts on the areas around the eyes.


The nutrient ingredients of the facial mask can be quickly introduced into the skin within 15 minutes by using the biological microcurrent. 1mA microcurrent will be diffused into the whole body tissues.

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