Hyjiah M. Conde – A Girl Who is Changing the Game of Teen International Philanthropist

Hyjiah Conde in fact, she is not only travelling the world and helping others who are less fortunate than herself but other remarkable things of interest have also been at the top of her list. These include being a writer and author, an anti-bullying and self-esteem activist and a philanthropist at heart. That sounds like a lot for this young lady to be doing! However, one might be even more surprised to know that she has been doing all these great and selfless things since the age of seven.


What could inspire the then seven-year-old Hyjiah to start doing what some would consider to be the work of an adult? If one gets the chance to talk to her, she will tell him/her that the inspiration to do all this and more was sparked out of the fact that she was bullied for various reasons. And although being bullied, she didn’t fight back physically or by being mean to her detractors. Instead, she decided to do good by forming a non-profit organization called Hyjiahs SuperGirlzland.

Through this non-profit organization she has been positively touching lives in several parts of the world. These include, South Africa, West Africa Guinea, Nigeria,Ghana & Uganda and of course United States of America. Hyjiahs SuperGirlzland is registered in all three places on these continents and spares no effort in helping people who are prone to bullying, not only in these five parts of the world but indeed worldwide.

As a victim of bullying, Hyjiah’s courageous efforts to instill optimism and hope in young girls, is impeccable. She has established herself in the United States and in South Africa and other continents. Her mission is to encourage and help young girls embrace their unique traits and make them feel proud to be in their own skin and ethnic background.


Hyjiah has always had a sense of community, self-reliance and gallant philanthropy. Her ability to turn a negative situation into a big positive has fueled her to create a better life for other young girls. She has been able to reach a great level of success at only 15 years old getting recognized by the Philadelphia 76ers, and being written and Recognized by former First Lady Michelle Obama and many other Prestigious African Government Officials for her courageous accomplishments. Now holding the title of CEO/Founder and author, her philanthropic duties are what drive her to create a sisterhood that is safe for girls that are being mistreated for being themselves.

Hyjiah expanded her projects and started a scholarship program for youths geared towards helping poverty-stricken children in the Village areas of Conakry Guinea her main aim is to help them get into school as they had never been to school as they couldn’t afford the tuition. 

Hyjiah’s mission is to ensure that under privileged children in poverty stricken areas of Africa get an education. That’s why she started the Hyjiah s Hero’s Scholarship to Educate. Hyjiah has provided scholarships sending eight children to school in with a full year’s tuition.

This philanthropic, kind-hearted and benevolent young lady has started working on building her first school in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa.

Her mother has been her number one supporter through these 8years, as Hyjiah became a Philanthropist in 2013 at age seven. Their goal for SuperGirlzland is to reach a level of international status, and keep teaching others to filter, accept and believe in themselves impacting youth girls to love themselves.

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